Eyes of Faith

The other day I was reading a daily devotion (1 & 2 Timothy on the YouVersion Bible app) by one of my favorite teachers/ministers of the Gospel, Priscilla Shirer. At the end of the devotion was the most needed and timely prayer for me. The first line alone read (as I paraphrase): Lord, help me to see my life with eyes of faith.

That sparked so much reflection for me! …see my life with eyes of faith…wow!

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me at times see my life with eyes of faith. As I continue to grow in my walk with God, it gets a little easier…but even that is dependent on the situation (if I’m being honest). Sometimes it’s really difficult to have faith.

It’s hard to see your life with eyes of faith when you are following Christ, trying to live out Christian principles, and yet you face one hardship after another.

It’s hard to see your life with eyes of faith when:

  • It feels like all your sacrificing is not paying off.
  • You are constantly faced with disappointments
  • It seems that your hard work is in vain
  • That coworker keeps testing you
  • That promotion seems so far away
  • Your marriage is getting tested
  • Your singleness doesn’t feel like such a joy
  • Your kids have literally lost their minds Or
  • You feel like you are sucking as a mom

That’s a long list lol

Y’all life is hard, and it’s a trick of the enemy to use our difficulties to entice us to throw in the towel!

When life gets difficult, many of us tend to worry. I know I do from time to time. The problem with worrying is that it gets you nowhere, and it makes you more dependent on yourself. Worrying robs you of your faith! Worrying feeds your fears and encourages your doubts.

Living our lives with eyes of faith helps us to keep our focus on God. The same God that has the world in His hands is the same God that has His hands on you.

Let’s take every difficulty we face, every doubt, every struggle we endure and give it over to God. Let’s have enough faith and trust that God will give us wisdom on what to do with our tough situations or that He will handle it himself!

Let’s see our lives with eyes of faith!


Though you are Imperfect, you are loved by a Perfect God!


The Thrill of the Ride: A look back at 2016

Hello Love Bugs!!

Happy New Year! I know it has been quite some time since my last blog post. I have been working on material, but of course life has been happening at the same time. I want to thank you all for rockin with me through this blog for now 3 whole years!! I cannot believe that we re-launched “Coco’s Couch” 3 years ago! There has been so much growth and development with this site, and I pray that you as a reader/supporter have felt growth through these messages over the years.

For this post, I just wanted to reflect and recap 2016. I have heard so many people say how 2016 was a tough year for them. Heck, I too have found myself saying that as well. And maybe for many, 2016 was a tough/bad year. For me, 2016 was like a bumpy rollercoaster experience at an amusement park.


Me, Brandee, & Nicole waiting for one of those crazy roller coasters

Over the summer, a couple girlfriends and I took an impromptu trip to Kings Island. To my surprise, neither one of them were thrilled about riding rollercoasters. I was the one who was all the way “turned up” for the thrill of the ride. However, they were good sports and entertained my excitement by getting on a couple rides with me.


Each time as we approached a ride, we noticed we had to wait in line. The waiting at times was unbearable, but as we got closer to actually getting on the ride, anxiety began to build . . . nervousness began to emerge . . . and excitement began to overwhelm us all at the same time. Now we are in our seats on our cart, and here comes those emotions again. We have to wait until everyone is secured for the ride. As the ride took off anxiety and nervousness began to stir up with every inch the car made up the coaster track, to the peak of the track. Right before the drop, we start to grab each others arms and hands because we cannot believe we are putting ourselves through this. We are at the top and see this drop, then before you know it, down we go. Screaming to the top of our lungs, anxiety, nervousness and now fear entraps us and we want this crazy ride to end. We are twisting and turning, looping in half circles, going up and down, and the ride is shaking us so hard that we felt like at any moment we will break. After a minute or two of this, the ride is over. We exit the cart, regain our balance, take a deep breath, and realize “that wasn’t so bad after all”. Now excitement fills us up, because we realized that we conquered that roller coaster . . . we are now more courageous and stronger then we ever realized.


Photo Cred: Google Images Kings Island Roller Coasters


This was my 2016. Full of all those above mentioned emotions. Full of highs and lows . . . twists and turns . . . shaking and bending. I have been on one crazy roller coaster. Changes in friendships, heartbreak, rejection, betrayal, receiving recognition/honor/blessings, taking a leap of faith, launching two businesses, building a ministry, going to seminary, having fear taunt me, awesome vacations, amazing road trips, and losing my father a few weeks ago.

Just like being on that crazy roller coaster, I wanted 2016 to end quickly. Now that it is over, I have realized that I am more courageous and more stronger than I ever imagined. I realized that life is a like a roller coaster ride. We have to adjust to every twist, turn, high, and low. We have to know that no matter how hard it gets, God is right there with us. He manufactured this roller coaster, and His plan is for you to finish the ride trusting Him more, relying on His strength, and having the courage to follow His plan.

So as I wait in anticipation for the things I prayed for in 2017, I’m excited to hop on the roller coaster one more time.

Blessings to you!


Remember this: Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God!

Letting Go Of Worry

I can remember a time, not long ago, where worry consumed me. I worried about EVERYTHING!

– Money
– Family
– Relationships
– Material things
– What other people thought of me
– How I look
– Will I ever get married
– Will I ever become a mother
– New job opportunities

You name it, I worried about it! I would spend half the night tossing and turning because my thoughts would race of the things I was worried about. So I would keep myself busy just to try and quiet my thoughts. I felt the need to have full control over everything because I worried so much. I found myself becoming a worry wart! What I didn’t realize was how my worrying was feeding my fears.

Are you a worry wart?

Understand that worrying feeds fear! God didn’t give you a spirit of fear. So, if God didn’t give you this spirit then it has to be a tactic of the enemy. The enemy wants to keep you in a star of constant worry, so that the spirit of fear that he uses to attack you will become stronger. You then become his puppet and begin to make decisions out of fear; all while worrying the entire time. But the devil is so stupid…all it takes is for your faith to ignite and fear will be pushed out!

Once I started to catch on to what worrying was doing to me, I began to draw closer to God. I noticed that my faith began to strengthen. I started to worry less, and started trusting God more. I learned that I can’t have full trust in God if I was constantly worrying.


1Peter 5:7 (NLT) – Give all your worries to God, for he cares about you.

Some translations of this passage says to: cast, throw, leave your cares, worries, anxiety to God for he cares for you.

“He cares for you” – Since He cares about you, He will take care of your worries if you give them to Him. You have to let go and let God handle your concerns. You have to trust Him and let Him take full control.


Worrying about things in your life will not get you anywhere. It will not fix whatever the issue is. All it does is rob you of the joy you could be experiencing each time you are given the gift of seeing a new day!

One of my favorite scriptures that helped me to let go of worrying: Matthew 6:34 (NIV) – Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough of it’s own.


So why spend half the night tossing and turning worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow when tomorrow will have a new set of troubles. But if you cast, throw, leave, give your worries to God, you won’t have the need to worry about tomorrow because it’s handled.

Get some rest tonight! God never sleeps so there is no need for you both to be up. Trust him with your concerns, He cares for you, He loves you . . . He just wants your whole heart. When you do this watch how your faith will push out your fears!

“Together let’s embrace our perfect imperfections!”

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