Lessons From A Single: I Am Complete!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!! This day is a day that many singles dread. I can remember a time when I would dread this holiday as well. It was a reminder to me that I was once again alone, single, and no one wanted to be with me. Now you may have these feelings, but someone reading this does. And . . . this was totally me for years!!! Part of my problem was that I seriously did not think I was complete unless I was in a relationship. All through high school, college, and most of my 20’s was spent in some ways feeling the NEED to be in relationship with some guy. This thinking lead me down a road of failed relationships, increased insecurities, toxic relationships, to just hooking up and dating random guys out boredom or loneliness. I was not feeling complete at all . . . matter of fact, I began to feel broken. I was shattered, and eventually a piece of me left with every random I felt hooked to that showed me any type of attention.

One day, I got tired. I gave up. I cried out for help in this area of my life. I began drawing closer to God, ended up in therapy, my relationship with God became a priority, and I began to find healing. Healing . . . allowing God to love me . . . embracing and accepting that love . . . loving me . . . I became complete! I realized I was complete all along!!

Take a look at the video below, as I share more on how I came to this realization some years ago. My prayer is that this Valentine’s Day be a day to remind you of the one who created you, shaped you, has a plan and purpose for you . . . the one who loves you. No man . . . degree . . . status . . . material possession can fulfill you with love and joy like God can. Enjoy the video and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

~ Hazel~

Though you are Imperfect, you are loved by a Perfect God!


Hey love bugs! 

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. – Proverbs 31:10 KJV

This past Sunday was the launch of my small women’s group called VIRTUE! For the past year or so, God has placed on my heart to start a small group for women. The thought of this initially scared me. I couldn’t help but begin to question why. Next after why was “what if no on shows up?” After entertaining these thoughts, I began to remember the times God has placed something on my heart to do, and how when I moved towards that direction, He totally provided along the way. 

So I later started brainstorming what to name this group, and seeking God on exactly what would be the purpose of gathering a group of strangers together. To try to keep myself on task, I began posting little reminders around my place. I didn’t want to lose sight of this new task. Now keep in mind this was about a year ago! 

I wanted to start right away, but things were not lining up. I knew that if this was something that God really wanted me to do, He will line things up perfectly. And He did just that. 

I later realized that I couldn’t get this going until I was obedient in the first task of starting my organization Perfectly Imperfect Inc., enrolling in seminary, and taking a leap of faith to do both full time. Now, I personally would not have wanted to start a small group with all of this going on: full time student and building two businesses (I am also a Premier Design Independent Distributor selling jewelry in which all the proceeds help support Perfectly Imperfect Inc.).  But my timing is not God’s timing. So I continued to pray about this group. 

One day while driving, it hit me so hard…VIRTUE…that’s it! From there everything flowed perfectly! VIRTUE aims to encourage women to be women of virtue, women of grace, women of courage, women who are bold, and women who are unapologetic about who and what God has called them to be. 

This past Sunday was the kick off, and the feedback I received was enough confirmation that this group is needed…not just for the women…but more so for me!!! I need this group…I need to cultivate more VIRTUE…I need to be more of the woman God is desiring me to be…and I need every woman attending VIRTUE to be with me on this journey! 

In the snippet below, I’m sharing with the ladies on how blogging and Perfectly Imperfect Inc. came about. I couldn’t do this without sharing a little bit of my story…a story of how rejection and abandonment led to a promiscuous/party lifestyle, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, and ultimately leading me to a transformation inspired by embracing the perfect, unconditional love of God. 

Remember this:

Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God! 


On the Couch: Mr. Nathan McGuire

Nathan's HeadshotMinister, therapist, radio personality, CEO, life coach, husband, and father; Nathan McGuire has many titles behind his name. As for me I call him simply: Amazing! If you have read my series “You Too Can Heal”, you would have come to know that Nathan is the therapist that helped me through my healing journey. Although at the time, I didn’t want to see him, I am now so glad I did. I am truly blessed to have met this man of God. I am even more blessed to go from calling him my therapist, to my mentor, to now my FRIEND. Nathan is so amazingly gifted at what he does. What I love most about him, is how real he is.

Not only has Nathan been truly a blessing to me, but he has blessed countless of other men and women. His radio show, The Love Connection Radio Show is helping thousands of people across the country heal from their emotional wounds. Also, in an effort to reach the multitude, Nathan has launched his own practice: Empower: Counseling, Coaching, and Spiritual Direction (Empower CCSD).

Here is Nathan’s story:

I came to develop a passion for therapy during my time as a youth minister, and a full-time admissions counselor. I wanted to be able to help more with my kids and their families in the youth ministry, but I was limited to what I was able to do. At the same time, I realized how much time I spent counseling students as an admissions counselor. It got to the point that all sorts of students were scheduling appointments with me for counseling. I then realized how much I loved to counsel and pour into others. All along, I was doing my passion. I wanted to continue to help people, and I realized that I can do this and get paid for it.  I decided then to do whatever it takes to pursue this passion. I enrolled at Christian Theological Seminary, and eventually earned my degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. In my last year, I was working as a professional within Centerpoint Counseling, and earning my practicum hours at the same time. My practice at Centerpoint grew rapidly.

After about 4 years at Centerpoint, I was approached with the opportunity to do some advertising. In an effort to reach the Christian community, I wanted to do my advertising on the AM 1310 The Light radio station.  I wanted to reach Christians to help them see why therapy is important. Never did I imagine that the birth of The Love Connection Radio Show would happen as a result of just wanting to run a few ads. I was very fearful about doing radio initially, but that fear only ignited my faith. I knew this is what God wanted me to do. Now after about 3 years of being the host of my own radio show, I am now able to reach anywhere from 50-100 thousand listeners. God is truly amazing!

I began to outgrow my time at Centerpoint. There were more people who I wanted to reach to help heal. On January 5, 2014 Empower CCSD was birthed. My own practice with no contracts . . . Wow! I now have the ability to empower, counsel, coach, and provide spiritual direction the way God has envisioned me to do it. And, He is letting me do it with SWAG . . . straight playa style LOL. God is so cool!

My mission for Empower CCSD comes from Malachi 4:5-6

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. – NKJV

 I’m here to help families heal, to help sons and daughters heal from the hurt done by their parents, to help heal marriages, to help people conquer fear, and most importantly to help you become the man and the woman God created you to be!

Nathan McGuire, MFT

Through Empower CCSD, Nathan can uphold the mission/vision God has given him through one-on-one counseling, group counseling, workshops, and radio. Here are the many ways to follow and hear Nathan:

Empower: Counseling, Coaching, and Spiritual Direction

120 E. Market St. Suite 1020

Indianapolis, In. 46254

(317) 572-7533


Catch The Love Connection Radio Show – hosted by Nathan McGuire

Every 4th Monday of the month on AM 1310 The Light at 7:00pm EST

Live stream at:  www.praiseindy.com

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