Who Do You Please? People vs. God


Hey love bugs!

So this is probably one of my random post that I make from time to time due to how my thoughts will race, and the heaviness I feel in my heart to get it out. So here it goes:

This morning I was halfway listening to T.D. Jakes’ podcast on a sermon he did called “Favor Ain’t Fair”. Now I say halfway because I was rushing trying to get ready to walk out the door to head to the 9-5, but wanted to have something spiritual going in the background. I needed to hear a word, but wouldn’t slow down long enough to hear the word (now that will preach . . . hmmm . . . that may be a blog post). So therefore I was “halfway listening”.

Anyway, one of the things I did catch was him saying, “Your gifts, your anointing, and your blessings are not for you. They are for the glory of God (paraphrased).” At another point he says (as I paraphrase again), “Sometimes God will bless you with something that doesn’t make sense to others. It may not make sense to you. He will have you do something that to others make no sense at all, and will give you provision to do what He told you to do. And when  He blesses you, folk will be mad because that can’t make sense of it or can’t believe that ‘you’ are the one receiving the blessing. Favor ain’t fair.”

So, here I am now with these snippets playing in my head. I begin to think of all the things that God has blessed me with. I then begin to think of how He has transformed my life ever since I decided to surrender to His will for me. In this process, there were things He has told me to do that didn’t make sense to me or to some people around me. Why me? I still do not have the answer to that. But what I am learning is that He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the call. I know this because nothing that I am doing is in my own power: blogging, speaking, teaching, ministering  . . . this is Him working through me!

For the longest, I would try to explain to people why I’m doing the things I’m doing. I would try to explain this tug that I feel to move in the direction I’m moving. I would try to explain the doors He would open. Nothing I would say made sense. Why me? I don’t know. Why you? I don’t know.

Favor ain’t fair! Sis, you do not owe anyone an explanation to why God is moving in your life the way He is moving. You don’t have to explain why you were given that promotion, that ministry, that book idea, that deal, that healthy relationship, those kids, that degree, whatever it is. You don’t have to explain your anointing or your blessings. But you do have to give all the glory to God. You have to start living your life before an audience of one, and know that you don’t need approval from these humans who don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in. You don’t have to walk on eggshells and live timid about what God is doing with you and through you. God’s approval is all you need sis. Stay humbled, and be unapologetic about God’s move in your life. Favor ain’t fair . . . none of us are deserving.

I ask you: Who do you please? God or people?

Stay blessed,


Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God!”




Letting Go

To let something or someone go is a very hard process. I believe that once you do let whatever it is go, there’s some relief. It may still hurt a little, but in the long run you may find that what you let go of was best for you. Sometimes you have to face the reality of your situation and make the decision to either hold on or let it go.

I think people have the tendency of holding onto things way longer than what you’re supposed to. Like those size 7/9 jeans in the back of your closet. You haven’t worn them in ages. You are now a size 12 and going back to a size 7/9 is not in your near future because you aren’t doing anything about your weight anyway. I know I’m not the only one on this. Let them jeans go!!! One day you might be back in the size 7/9, but accept the fact of where you are now. Unless you are gonna commit and work hard to change it . . . let them go!

Sometimes we hold on to bad relationships like we do our “too little” jeans. Either you or him are not putting in any work to fix what’s wrong or the two of you are just not working out; so let it go. This was something I struggled with for a long time. Holding on to no good relationships, with the hope that something will improve. I found myself fighting for the relationship alone. Getting to the point where you realize it’s time to let go is hard to do. You feel like maybe you are making a mistake. On the flip side you are not happy and you know that it’s not working. Yet you hold on to what could be or what you want it to be, just like the “too little” jeans in your closet. Let it go! I’ve learned that if it’s not working, don’t force it. I do feel that any relationship requires work, but the two of you have to work together.

In some of my situations where I didn’t want to let go, God did it for me. The problem with that is I used to try to pull the person back in my life. Crazy huh? I then learned that some people God put in your life for just a season. So when the season changes you have to be prepared for the next season. God removed them for a reason.

In other situations (more recently), I began to realize more quickly when to let go. It’s never easy but it has to be done. The easiest is when the two of you agree that it’s time to let go. This just happened to me. What we had was not working. We both knew it but for some reason didn’t speak on it. Then it finally just came out. Since it wasn’t working we decided to let it go.

Experience is a good teacher. I still have much to learn. Trust me there are still some things (non relationship) that I’m trying to let go of. I will get there.