Eyes of Faith

The other day I was reading a daily devotion (1 & 2 Timothy on the YouVersion Bible app) by one of my favorite teachers/ministers of the Gospel, Priscilla Shirer. At the end of the devotion was the most needed and timely prayer for me. The first line alone read (as I paraphrase): Lord, help me to see my life with eyes of faith.

That sparked so much reflection for me! …see my life with eyes of faith…wow!

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me at times see my life with eyes of faith. As I continue to grow in my walk with God, it gets a little easier…but even that is dependent on the situation (if I’m being honest). Sometimes it’s really difficult to have faith.

It’s hard to see your life with eyes of faith when you are following Christ, trying to live out Christian principles, and yet you face one hardship after another.

It’s hard to see your life with eyes of faith when:

  • It feels like all your sacrificing is not paying off.
  • You are constantly faced with disappointments
  • It seems that your hard work is in vain
  • That coworker keeps testing you
  • That promotion seems so far away
  • Your marriage is getting tested
  • Your singleness doesn’t feel like such a joy
  • Your kids have literally lost their minds Or
  • You feel like you are sucking as a mom

That’s a long list lol

Y’all life is hard, and it’s a trick of the enemy to use our difficulties to entice us to throw in the towel!

When life gets difficult, many of us tend to worry. I know I do from time to time. The problem with worrying is that it gets you nowhere, and it makes you more dependent on yourself. Worrying robs you of your faith! Worrying feeds your fears and encourages your doubts.

Living our lives with eyes of faith helps us to keep our focus on God. The same God that has the world in His hands is the same God that has His hands on you.

Let’s take every difficulty we face, every doubt, every struggle we endure and give it over to God. Let’s have enough faith and trust that God will give us wisdom on what to do with our tough situations or that He will handle it himself!

Let’s see our lives with eyes of faith!


Though you are Imperfect, you are loved by a Perfect God!


Choosing Courage

I know…you’re seeing this and is probably like “Whaaaattt!!!” It has been a long time since my last blog post. Seminary life has kept me insanely swamped. However, this was on my heart and I had to share with you guys.

October 2016, I took a leap of faith to pursue my calling and God given vision full time. I started seminary July of that same year. God showed out with that situation by giving me an 80% paid tuition scholarship that will last for a huge chunk of my time in the program. The vision is to build Perfectly Imperfect Inc. to a fully functioning ministry that will not only empower women through public speaking (including preaching and teaching the Gospel), blogging, workshops and an annual conference; but to also help restore the family unit through a private Marriage & Family Therapy practice.

In October 2016, I truly felt God telling me to walk away from my job. Yep, I walked away from it all!! I loved the job I had, but I knew God was calling me to more. However, I was so scared of the idea. How am I going to afford to live? I have no money to support this dream. Who will actually take me serious? I can’t afford to go back to school. Who’s going to actually show up to hear me speak, or even allow ME to council them? Again…where is the money for all this going to come from?

This wasn’t the first time I felt this afraid. Some of the same questions came when I felt led to go to seminary. While I did tell God I would do whatever He wanted if He would pay for seminary, I was not expecting to quit my job so soon after starting school again.

None of my questions around quitting and pursing my calling/God’s vision full-time was quite answered. Fear was telling me not to do it. Fear said that if classes get too tough then drop to part-time. Fear said that I wouldn’t survive without steady income. Fear had me questioning what people would think of me quitting my job to chase a dream. Fear reminded me that I don’t have a large following on social media. Fear showed me a glimpse of my past. Fear told me that there was no way this would work. Fear…fear…FEAR!

I realized how afraid I was, and still am, and decided I had two choices: let fear hold me back or choose courage to push fear out of my way. I chose courage!

Courage is not something that I’m able to do on my own. This comes from a relationship with God. I have to choose courage on a daily basis because fear comes after me on a daily basis. I need the Holy Spirit to remind me of God’s promises.

Every day, my needs are literally met by God. Choosing courage through this season has shown me just how much I have to depend and trust God for daily provision. There are some days when I feel weakened by fear….when I want to quit because I feel it’s too hard to bear. The moment when I begin to feel this way God gives me His strength. He reminds me that my bank account is not His concern…He wants to see how big my faith is. Then I dry my eyes, and ask God to deposit in me another dose of courage.

Today, I challenge you too to choose courage. Courage is not absent of fear, but it is used to put fear into submission.

Lord thank you for not giving us the spirit of fear, but giving us power, love, and a sound mind. Thank you for showing us your strength in moments of our weakness and depositing courage in us to face fear head on. Forgive us for times where we have operated in fear and didn’t trust you. Help us in our moments of doubt and remind us of just how faithful you are to us. Remind us that in you we have everything we need. You are with us and will never leave us. For that we can’t thank and praise you enough!



Though you are Imperfect, you are loved by a Perfect God.

Detour to Destiny

Good morning love bugs! I had another post in mind for this week, but this has been pressing on me harder. Maybe because this is currently where I find myself. Maybe because while I’m in a frustrating season, I’m trying to keep my faith and focus. Maybe because someone else is out there reading this, feeling relieved that they are not alone. I’m not sure, but whatever the reason is I know I needed to touch on this.

Many people who step out on faith, are not sure how God is going to lead them on their faith journey. They see the vision, the destination of where God is taking them, but often times are unsure of the journey it will take to get there. Yet…with all this uncertainty, they are sure that it will ALL come together…things will somehow work out. Sounds very inspiring right?

This is truly how I felt about stepping out on faith: walking away from my job to start building Perfectly Imperfect Inc., selling Premier Designs Jewelry to support Perfectly Imperfect Inc., attending seminary full time to get my Masters Degrees in Divinity and Marriage & Family Therapy. I had no clue how this journey would be, but I knew I needed to step out on faith and literally trust God for every measure of provision.

What happens when discouragement set in? What happens when you start to think that maybe you heard God wrong in this thing? What happens when you hit those extremely slow seasons in generating income and you begin to question everything?

It’s these frustrating moments that I can’t help but to believe that every entrepreneur or person who stepped out on faith have from time to time. It’s these moments that you feel that you are now on a crazy detour leaving you wondering if you will ever reach your destination.

So, after some time of feeling like this, and watching how God would subtly show me that I’m right on track, I began to feel this message: Detours does not always mean you will not reach your destiny.

And just like that…mood change! Attitude change! Disposition change! I have to embrace the detours that life can bring at times. So I took to Instagram yesterday with this message in case someone else was beginning to feel like I was feeling (see video below):

When life sends you on a detour, it could be God’s way of protecting you from some unseen danger/hinderance, the detour posed for a better route to help develop you, or maybe it’s God’s way of testing your patience and seeing if your disposition about the journey will change…who knows why we often experience detours…One thing is for sure is that if we keep our focus on the Lord we will reach the destination He has already predestined for us to receive! Keep pushing, keep pressing, keep persisting…You got this!!!


Though you are Imperfect, you are loved by a Perfect God!

Who Do You Please? People vs. God


Hey love bugs!

So this is probably one of my random post that I make from time to time due to how my thoughts will race, and the heaviness I feel in my heart to get it out. So here it goes:

This morning I was halfway listening to T.D. Jakes’ podcast on a sermon he did called “Favor Ain’t Fair”. Now I say halfway because I was rushing trying to get ready to walk out the door to head to the 9-5, but wanted to have something spiritual going in the background. I needed to hear a word, but wouldn’t slow down long enough to hear the word (now that will preach . . . hmmm . . . that may be a blog post). So therefore I was “halfway listening”.

Anyway, one of the things I did catch was him saying, “Your gifts, your anointing, and your blessings are not for you. They are for the glory of God (paraphrased).” At another point he says (as I paraphrase again), “Sometimes God will bless you with something that doesn’t make sense to others. It may not make sense to you. He will have you do something that to others make no sense at all, and will give you provision to do what He told you to do. And when  He blesses you, folk will be mad because that can’t make sense of it or can’t believe that ‘you’ are the one receiving the blessing. Favor ain’t fair.”

So, here I am now with these snippets playing in my head. I begin to think of all the things that God has blessed me with. I then begin to think of how He has transformed my life ever since I decided to surrender to His will for me. In this process, there were things He has told me to do that didn’t make sense to me or to some people around me. Why me? I still do not have the answer to that. But what I am learning is that He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the call. I know this because nothing that I am doing is in my own power: blogging, speaking, teaching, ministering  . . . this is Him working through me!

For the longest, I would try to explain to people why I’m doing the things I’m doing. I would try to explain this tug that I feel to move in the direction I’m moving. I would try to explain the doors He would open. Nothing I would say made sense. Why me? I don’t know. Why you? I don’t know.

Favor ain’t fair! Sis, you do not owe anyone an explanation to why God is moving in your life the way He is moving. You don’t have to explain why you were given that promotion, that ministry, that book idea, that deal, that healthy relationship, those kids, that degree, whatever it is. You don’t have to explain your anointing or your blessings. But you do have to give all the glory to God. You have to start living your life before an audience of one, and know that you don’t need approval from these humans who don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in. You don’t have to walk on eggshells and live timid about what God is doing with you and through you. God’s approval is all you need sis. Stay humbled, and be unapologetic about God’s move in your life. Favor ain’t fair . . . none of us are deserving.

I ask you: Who do you please? God or people?

Stay blessed,


Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God!”




One Day

Patiently waiting for One Day. Today One Day you seem so far away.

Things will change for me when you come One Day.

See, One Day, God-willing, I will be given that opportunity I’ve been waiting for. God knows the desires of my heart, but He has to show me that waiting for One Day is worth waiting for.

One Day, not only the door of opportunity will open, but it will close the doors that I’ve been trying so long to close.

One Day my 2 jobs will turn into 1 job and a hobby.

One Day all the times I was told “No” will outnumber the times I’m going to be told “Yes”.

One Day the pay check to pay check lifestyle will be no more.

One Day my savings will be like I never would’ve imagined.

One Day my work and deeds will go unrecognized and people will see what I have to offer.

One Day I will be totally appreciated.

One Day I won’t tear up thinking about One Day.            

One Day that healthy relationship will come along.

Since I’ve already recognized my virtue; One Day someone will come and recognize it too.

Days like Today when One Day seems so far away, I meditate on Today.

Today is a new day!! One more day closer to One Day.

Today I get to talk to God again about One Day, and pray the my ears are open to what He has to say.

Today I will go to sleep with a peace of mind.

Today I am blessed to be able to work 2 jobs when others don’t have 1.

Today I’m that much closer to getting my degree in my hands when someone is waiting on One Day to wear their cap & gown or go to school even.

Today I have a host of family and friends who love me when someone is all alone.

Today I’m no longer with that FOOL who didn’t recognize my virtue.

Today I’m no longer the girl who doesn’t know my worth.

Today, although I’m wishing for One Day, I smile because I know One Day is on the way.