High Price, High Value…Know Your Worth!

I can remember a period in my life where I didn’t realize or even understood the depth of what it meant that I was bought at a high price!

In the past I have made promises to God to no longer give my body away to some guy that I thought was worthy of having all of me just because he was nice, he seemed to be a gentleman, he was honest, he was charming, he treated me to nice dinners & weekend getaways, he did nice gestures just because, he made me feel special or because he was filling to my appetite in every way and therefore I let my flesh take over and gave in. I would give him my most prized possession. Every now and then he will still make deposits to woo me…those deposits were just storing up until I cashed out and give him my most prized possession again.

And once the honeymoon phase was over I was left feeling shamed, I felt guilt, confused, trapped, and desperately wanting to work out whatever it was we had because of the many intimate moments we shared…not realizing it was doomed to fail. All of this because I didn’t realize my worth. I didn’t realize I was worth more than anything he could deposit. I then found myself in the same cycle over and over again. I found myself saying the same prayer. I eventually found myself at a low point where I was numb, and most of all tired of the same type of relationships…relationships turned “sex”ships!

I had to start honoring God with my body. How could I every get the godly man God had for me if I kept “marrying” men that never put a ring on my finger? “Marrying” men that didn’t have a relationship with God. “Marrying” men that didn’t have any intentions on marrying me, but wanted all the benefits that came with marriage.

So I finally said no more! God values me too much! I’m WORTH more than any earthly possession. I’m WORTH someone who see my worth and values me, God, and my body enough to wait even when his flesh is weakened (and when mine is weakened too). I am WORTH someone who understands the importance of honoring God with OUR bodies and waiting for the ONE God has for us. I am WORTH someone who will deny his fleshly desires because he knows the reward is greater when we do things Gods way. He understands that obedience is better than sacrifice. I am WORTHY of that man!

I now know the value that God placed on me. So everything about me is valuable including my time. Therefore, I will be and am very selective in who gets my time. The guy that I am worth having will understand that time spent with me is the prize. So he will have no problem with making deposits that will sustain a godly friendship, godly relationship, and a godly marriage.


Sis, understand your worth. Your body is not your own. It is a temple and a sacred place. Your body belongs to God! It took years for me to come out of sexual immorality. And it took even longer for me to realize that value that God has placed over me. Understand the value God has placed on you. Know that you were bought at a high price, and that no one loves you more than Christ does! So honor God with you body! Wait for the one God has for you…wait until you are married to your king. The two will then become one, and it will be acceptable in God’s sight. Abstinence is possible…even in your relationship! Are you up for the challenge?