A Look Back to 2017

Hey love bugs!! Yes I know…it’s been ages since my last post! My goal is to get back to blogging more consistently in this new year. I have so many goals for this blog, and I seriously needed to regain my focus!

I want to share with you what all has been accomplished this past year!

First…I just celebrated my 4 year blogging anniversary!!!!! Some of you have been supporting me by reading, commenting, voting, sharing, and liking this blog for 4 years! You’ve have watched me grow, shared in your experiences, given me testimonies, and hung in there through my inconsistency! For that I say THANK YOU!!!!

So much has happened in 2017

  • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. hosted it’s first workshop!!! It was such a blessing and for me a huge success!
  • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. turned 1!!! That was exciting to see what a year of stepping out on faith was like!
  • Though falling behind in my studies due to my dad’s passing in December of 2016, I managed to finish my first year of seminary strong and started well into my second year. To God be the Glory!!!! (This is huge because a portion of Perfectly Imperfect Inc. cannot launch until I’m done with seminary)
  • The women’s group VIRTUE has been a HUGE success and it too turned 1 in November!! The women who join in with me to cultivate more VIRTUE out of our lives are beyond AMAZING!!! My heart is overjoyed every month we gather
  • Through selling Premier Designs jewelry, I have been able to support events, the women’s group, help with overhead costs, and give back to other women empowering organizations! I look to do more with this in 2018!
  • Lastly, I have served and represented Perfectly Imperfect Inc. through several speaking engagements to inspire and empower women!

2017 has been pretty good, but I have a feeling that 2018 will be even better! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! The best is yet to come!!!!

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Photos to highlight the year:

2 Months Too Long

Like many of you who subscribe to this blog, I too juggle a lot. These past two months I have not posted on this site . . . not because of lack of desire, but more so because of poor planning. There I said it! Perfectly Imperfect Inc. is very near and dear to my heart! So much so, that I am back in school full time to get a dual Masters both in Divinity and Marriage & Family Therapy, so that I can continue (with God’s help) building this organization. I sell Premier Designs jewelry, in which I earn 50% commission on all that I sell, to help support efforts for Perfectly Imperfect Inc. and overhead for working out of the home. Yep . . . two businesses! Perfectly Imperfect Inc. also has a wonderful women’s group called VIRTUE that meets monthly. Then of course there is this blog . . . the blog that birthed out this organization and the vision to see a world where women exude gentleness, grace, and confidence from a place of wholeness and love impacting generations to come.

This is my baby, my dream, the very essence of why I stepped out on faith to pursue this full time . . . and yet there are times where poor planning happens. The thing that gets missed the most is this blog. So, here we are 2 months later with a new post. I could totally beat myself up, but instead I’m giving myself grace. Yes, I need to plan better. Yes, I need to write posts as they come to me, and lock myself down to do so. Yes, I need to plan in my schedule days to write, and pre-schedule posts. Today . . . I choose grace for me instead of allowing myself to be a punching bag with blows of “could’ves, should’ves, and would’ves”.

What is something that you too have put off? Is there something that you have neglected due to poor planning? Maybe you too have been working hard, but things have kept you from doing tending to whatever it is you neglected. You keep thinking about it, and it hurts you because you just can’t seem to get to it. Now that you realize what that “thing” is that you have been neglecting, it’s time to get back to it. Don’t waste the time beating yourself up over the fact that you haven’t given it the amount of attention you used to give it (whatever your “it” is). Give yourself grace and get to work. Intentionally do whatever it takes to get back to where you were. If what you neglected is something that is very important to you, then be persistent. Life has a way of presenting many challenges and obstacles that can throw us off, but get back up. Even if 2 months go by . . . get back to it. Remember, your work, your efforts, your dedication is not in vain . . . keep moving forward. Be gracious to you!

HazelO136Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God! – Hazel


New Thing

open roadOne of my favorite things to do during the summer is to go on road trips or a long drive. Honestly, I am always down for a road trip at any time of the year. I think I actually just love driving for some reason. It is something so relaxing about being on the open road or in good flowing traffic with the windows down, music blasting, and having an abundance of snacks. There is nothing more aggravating then driving down a road that is rough, bumpy, and filled with pot holes. You then have to drive slower, and run the risk of damaging your tires on this rough road. If you are anything like me, you find yourself complaining the whole time wishing the pavement would smooth out soon or that the city would fix the road.

What’s crazy about this whole scenario is that once construction begins on the road, I complain about that as well. Sometimes we are never satisfied. Traffic is back up, you are at a standstill due to the work in progress, the drive is even slower, and it seems like it’s taking forever for the road to get fixed. Frustration, anger, anxiety, impatience . . . these emotions begin to stir up each time I take this route to my destination.

On a recent trip, I was driving north on I65. Anyone familiar with I65 from Indianapolis to Northwest Indiana, you know there is always construction happening. I remember when I65 was a little narrow and bumpy. I complained and murmured each time I drove that portion of the interstate. Later, the interstate widened allowing for more cars to flow through. Now, there is another section of the same interstate, in the same direction, that is going through construction. I again found myself murmuring and complaining. It then hit me:

Often, we shout over the new thing, but complain over the construction it takes.

construction pic

Isaiah 44:18-19 (NIV) states: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I’m doing a new thing!”

Life has a way of presenting itself all sorts of bumpy roads. Sometimes these are things that we bring upon ourselves by the decisions we make . . . other times it’s to no fault on our own . . . and yet there are other times when it’s something within us and how we react/respond to situations that can cause things to be bumpy, full of holes, and uneasy. We complain, we cry, we get angry and frustrated . . . we even go as far as wanting to find a new route and take matters into our own hands.

We are instructed in the above scripture to forget the former things and to not dwell on the past. God cannot begin to do a new work in us if we keep holding on to how things used to be. It’s time to forget about those things that caused the roads in your life to be bumpy. We have to let God build a construction site within us so that we can be prepared for all the new things that He wants to do to us and through us.

So, what will your disposition be like when the construction begins? Are you complaining? Always angry? Bitter? Throwing a pity party? Impatient? Or will trust the Master to pave the way for you? Will you seek Him and cast your cares on upon Him? Will you not waver in your faith? Have patience?

The fact that the new thing is coming and that God is so gracious and merciful to make a new way for us, should be enough to give Him praise. We have to be patient during the construction of our lives. Shout for the construction just as much as you shout when the new take place.


Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God!

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Quick Message to Singles

Hey love bugs!! This was just placed on my heart to share with those who are single. If you are anything like me, you may have moments that you struggle with the idea of being single. Maybe you wonder if you will EVER find the ONE…or will you remain single for the REST of your life…or maybe you struggle with loneliness…maybe you’re divorced or widowed and this new single life is foreign to you…I’m not sure where you are on the spectrum, but I encourage you to embrace this season!! 

One thing that has helped me, and continues to help me, is that life still needs to be lived!! It is important that you don’t rush this season for there is much to gain and discover in it. It’s the perfect time to serve God and discover things about yourself that you never knew. Life still needs to be lived

When I speak to singles in workshops or at conferences, I often ask: If you never get married or go on another date, what would you do? You can’t let life pass you by or miss out on opportunities/discoveries because you are so worked up in waiting for your mate to do things. 

As I sit here right now on a deck of a restaurant overlooking a reservoir, sipping a cocktail, and watching the sunset and its reflection bouncing off the lake, I can’t help but to thank God that He has brought me to this place of contentment in my singleness. It’s okay to take yourself out! And while I’m on my date night, I discovered that I’m a cheap date because my dinner and beverage was less than $20!!!! Lol! 

Seriously, enjoy this life you have…embrace the journey…and remember life still needs to be lived whether single or married! 



Imperfection Meets Perfection

There’s nothing worse than carrying around a bag full of guilt, shame, embarrassments, and insecurities. The longer we carry that bag, the heavier it gets. Sometimes the bag gets so heavy that we tend to unpack it…not to throw the contents away…but to live amongst them. 

We inhale them…we wear them…we get comfortable with them…and at the same time we try to hide them from others. We get so good at hiding them that we tend to forget about them. 

Then one day we feel a tug to do something that’s bigger than ourselves; but we feel as if we can’t because of guilt, shame, embarrassments, and insecurities. Ultimately what we feel is FEAR. We say that we’re too flawed, too messed up, or too imperfect to do the very thing we’ve been called to do. 

It is at that point where God wants to show you He can perfect those imperfections. He can turn those embarrassing, shameful details of your life and make them beautiful. He can take your insecurities and secure them with an immearsuable amount of His grace and love! 

You say you’re too imperfect; God says, “You’re perfect!” He can do amazing things with imperfect people. Will you let Him? 


Remember this: Though you may be imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God!