On the Couch: The “Busy Body” Workout w/Marlon Coutee Jr.

Busy-gym-womanAs we continue on this journey to loving our bodies by feeding it the proper nutrients and exercising regularly, I can’t help but to think about women who have hectic schedules like me. Lately, I am finding it extremely hard to get to the gym to put in 30 minutes of work. I know I’m not alone. So I talked to my dear friend, Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist Marlon Coutee Jr., to have him share with me some exercising tips for those with a busy schedule. Marlon has been awesome in sharing his expertise thus far “On the Couch”. So if you are looking to love your body by taking better care of it, check out these tips from Marlon:

Everybody say with me “Activity”! Yes, Activity is all you need. That’s all a work out is. A work out can be something as simple as doing laundry or mopping the floors. So again, activity is all you need. There are just varying intensities of activity that may be needed to produce specific results.

So for the very beginner, try these out:

–       Walk the Mall: Have fun with it and take a friend or two. Each of you try on a 2- piece “beach” side outfit that you want to see yourself in. Set a goal for yourself or with the crew, and hold each other accountable.

–       Grocery shopping

–       Walking the dog: It will make you feel good and I’m sure the dog would appreciate the time outdoors.

–       Laundry: Requires much lifting of heavy loads of clothes, detergent, folding, walking back and forth to put things away . . . lots of activity here.

–       Park in the back of the parking lot: Quit circling around the parking lot of your favorite store looking for the closet parking space. Park in the back and get those extra steps in.

Speaking of steps . . .

–       Take the stairs: Watch what stair climbing can do for your legs and gluts.

 That’s all activity, and you can do one of those every day of the week. Switch it up or designate days. You may decide on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s you will take the stairs to your office floor, instead of the elevator. Or you will walk the parking lot on your lunch or break. The key is to try not to make this change over-night; take small steps to avoid being over whelmed.

Now that you’re moving, step it up a notch:

–       Try jogging with the dog:

–       Maybe you walk/jog in the next 5k event with your accountability partners from the mall!

–       Join a local Zumba or hip hop dance class

–       Use the kids Wii or Xbox connect to play the Michael Jackson experience or Dance Revolution.

You’re moving now, you’re getting comfortable with being active, and you are actually starting to love it! You are telling everyone about it. Then, you notice that people are starting to tell you that you are losing inches.

Your momentum going, let’s step it up:

–       Join the local gym

–       Find your local parks and trails and do some jogging outdoors. Maybe you can attempt some pull ups on the monkey bars to test yourself and using that to create new challenges

–       Try doing push-ups at home 

–       Introduce body weight exercises into the mix.

So, you joined the local gym because you can’t be at home to work out. At the same time you can’t miss your favorite 7pm show. If you going to jog/run on the treadmill, bring head phones, most treadmills at the gym have TV’s built in with standard cable and local channels. You can now do both!

Got a basement in your house or a ground floor and some room? Grab a jump rope or hula hoop and get active in front of the TV while your show is on!

–       Jump rope during commercials

–       Run the stairs in your house

–       Do some squats or lunges on commercial break

It all counts. Easy enough right?

working out no chore

Now that all has been mentioned, you can do this in 30 minutes to an hour because every little bit counts . . . even if you have to break your activity up. The number one thing is to make sure you understand that all movement counts. It’s better to do 10 mins, 5 x a day, than to talk about doing a 1hr 5 x a week, and never getting around to it because frankly, life can happen at any time. You’re busy so you may feel like you never get a solid hour to yourself in a day anyway. All the more reason for you to, break up your activity.

If you do these tips, you have now set the tone, and you’re learning how to fit it in your schedule!

Last thing . . . you have to make sure you are eating right. You have to start somewhere:

fitness plate

For the “I’ve been eating fried chicken and corn or green beans out the can all my life” folk:

–       Just simply bake or pan-sear the chicken in olive oil.  Or my favorite, grill it. Check Pinterest for ideas or even FB groups like Fitness Life (I try and share good ideas there from others in the clean eating communities.)

–       Start to play with your natural seasonings: Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cumin, garlic, onions, green, red, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne (spice helps speed the matabolism).

–       Buy your veggies frozen or even better fresh. Stop boiling them and steam them. Keep the nutrients in the veggie.

–       Eat more fruits

–       Start to eliminate complex carbs like white potatoes, rice, pastas, (white bread is always a no no), but pick up your veggie intake. The more colorful your salad is the more nutritious by rule of thumb

–       Take a look at choosemyplate.gov for daily recommend servings for those who are not that active or just starting to get active and learn to eat better.

You decide where you want to go in terms of continuing towards your goals. Join challenge groups on social media, check out your local trainers and nutrition specialists. Some personal trainers have a nutrition background or training and some don’t so ask. Use your resources, and share recipes with your accountability partners.

You are well on your way to loving your body properly!

After getting these tips, I have no excuse to get in a good work out in the midst of my busy schedule. I guess that’s why he is called “Mr. No Mo Excuses”

Remember this is all about a healthier you. To empower you to look as good as you feel. We are all not a size zero, nor will we ever be. Women are beautiful . . . we come in all shapes and sizes. The key is to feel good, and let our bodies work for us long term.


You can contact Marlon by:


Instagram at: @_NoMoExcusesFitness

Facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Fitness-Life


On the Couch: Keeping that New Year’s Resolution w/ Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist Marlon Coutee Jr.

Fitness image Soon we will be ending the first quarter of 2014 and many folks have kicked their New Year’s Resolution to “get fit” to the curb. At the start of the year, gyms across the country are packed with people empowered and “determined” to commit to a new lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating. Like many, I too have struggled with being consistent in my workouts and eating healthy. Why is it that we find it so hard to keep our “get fit” New Year’s Resolution? Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Marlon Coutee Jr. share his perspective on why it’s so hard to keep the commitment to “getting fit”, as well as tips to keep that commitment alive.

What are the goals you are setting for yourself? Often times, people tend to set unrealistic goals or fail to trust someone to put those goals into perspective. As a personal trainer, part of why you pay me is for me to be honest with you. I am also paid to get you to your goal with all of my power. In all of my time spent in the gym, I have noticed that those who had the ability to set realistic goals have been successful. That applies to life; not just in the gym.

Eating healthy and working out has an abundance of benefits. There is one benefit that I think to be the foundation of the total quality of life spectrum. That benefit is to give yourself the best chance to functionally enjoy all the days of your life. By functionally, I mean the ability to move around freely; free of Cancers, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, High Cholesterol etc.  All those ailments causes you to stress, and robs you of your chance to enjoy all the days of your life relatively speaking. However, if we eat right and workout, we lessen our chances of suffering from those ailments. Imagine how great life would be, if you are able to physically enjoy the times you had in your 20’s while you are 80 plus years of age?! How great would it be to be able to get out of bed at 82 years of age, put on a pair of Airmax 2015’s, and go for an afternoon jog on the local trail? Taking care of your body while you are young will have lasting benefits as you age.

Here are some tips to keeping that “get fit” New Year’s Resolution alive:

–          Keep it Simple: Keep your fitness goals and their outcomes simple. Don’t set unrealistic goals. Trust someone to help you keep the goals you set; like a personal trainer.

–          Be Fully Committed: Approach your health and the journey of your life as priority number ONE! Invest fully in yourself, and never let the obstacles and cloudy days deter you. This could arguably be the most important thing to understand. You have to make your health journey a priority.

–          Celebrate the “small” Progression: Celebrate every inch and pound lost like as if you have hit the lottery, but be smart about it. So that means you have to start making and practicing better choices. This doesn’t come natural to some of us, so you must practice at all times. When you have that party, have it with your fitness family members because they will give you the best chance to make those better choices. For example, have a fruit tray competition on a random weekend to celebrate with people.Fitness image 2

–          Surround Yourself with Positive Influences: It makes a significant difference if you have a circle of people who have a similar focus.  I’m not saying to replace your best friend, nor am I saying this group has to all be gym rats. However, it does help if they are gym goers or on a healthy living journey as well. Or even people who are invested in your health journey, and truly want to see you succeed.
Now remember these are just some things you can do. This list is not all inclusive, but is meant to give an idea of what it takes to build a solid foundation you can be confident in! Don’t give up! The journey to a healthy lifestyle is just that . . . a journey. It’s a process, but you must have a determined mindset to start and complete your journey.


If you have fallen off the wagon on your health and fitness goals you have set this year, understand you can pick right back up. This is for me as well, as I too struggle with keeping my commitment to maintaining consistent workouts and healthy eating. So let’s continue to journey together as Marlon empowers us to love our bodies!

You can contact Marlon at:


Instagram at: @_NoMoExcusesFitness

Facebook page: Fitness Life

On the Couch: Fitness Life w/ Marlon Coutee Jr.

How important is your body to you? Do you find yourself struggling with losing weight and/or eating healthy? To kick off a series of blogs dedicated to empower women to take better care of their bodies, we will be getting messages and advice from fitness trainer and nutrition specialist Marlon Coutee Jr. Ladies, when I tell you this guy is the truth . . . my oh my! Check out Marlon’s story, and get ready to be about that “Fitness Life”:Marlon's fitness side pic

Since a young age, I have always been an activity seeker. My family and friends have always looked to me for fitness advice. This could be due to the fact that I have stayed in decent shape. I truly understand the importance of staying healthy. In college, I worked with IUPUI Intramural Sports. I had key access to the weight room and gym. This gave me more practice to help others push themselves to achieve their fitness goals. After college, I moved on to the corporate world. I eventually grew tired of my capacity within Corporate America, and decided to pursue my NASM personal Training Certification. My VP at Bluegreen had a vision for me. Through that vision I was blessed with an excellent opportunity to be the first Corporate Wellness Coordinator with the company. Talk about purpose!  That position has helped fuel my desire to learn more and understand the total wellness spectrum . . . not just all fitness!! With that, I went on to earn more certifications and acquire knowledge that will be useful in helping others.

In addition to being a Corporate Wellness Coordinator for Bluegreen, I also work independently. I am a Personal/Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and TRX Suspension Trainer. My main goal is to educate and spread knowledge about total health and fitness. I also aim to educate the importance of creating a work/home life balance.

Through working in the corporate sector and independently, I work with a nice share of women. Often times I see women struggle with the battle of weight loss and overall maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s not to say that men do not struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle either. So here is a bit of advice:

Be confident and be patient! Embrace where you are right this moment, no matter what. Stop making excuses! It is better to try to prevent illness rather than try to react to illness. Realize if we cannot commit to our own selves we will fail to recognize true happiness.  Beauty comes from within; however, it is important to treat your body well. Everybody desires to look as good as they feel. You need a healthy functioning body to give you a better chance in life to spread that positive, loving legacy that lives deep down inside! Love and embrace your body . . . care for it like we do our cars. Embrace your journey! Own it!


Well, there you have it! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It is so important feel good and look good. Your body is a temple. As women, we have a tendency of taking care of ourselves last. Let’s journey together to take the necessary time to out to take better care of our bodies.

You can contact Marlon at:


Instagram at: @_NoMoExcusesFitness

Facebook page: Fitness Life

On the Couch: Mr. Nathan McGuire

Nathan's HeadshotMinister, therapist, radio personality, CEO, life coach, husband, and father; Nathan McGuire has many titles behind his name. As for me I call him simply: Amazing! If you have read my series “You Too Can Heal”, you would have come to know that Nathan is the therapist that helped me through my healing journey. Although at the time, I didn’t want to see him, I am now so glad I did. I am truly blessed to have met this man of God. I am even more blessed to go from calling him my therapist, to my mentor, to now my FRIEND. Nathan is so amazingly gifted at what he does. What I love most about him, is how real he is.

Not only has Nathan been truly a blessing to me, but he has blessed countless of other men and women. His radio show, The Love Connection Radio Show is helping thousands of people across the country heal from their emotional wounds. Also, in an effort to reach the multitude, Nathan has launched his own practice: Empower: Counseling, Coaching, and Spiritual Direction (Empower CCSD).

Here is Nathan’s story:

I came to develop a passion for therapy during my time as a youth minister, and a full-time admissions counselor. I wanted to be able to help more with my kids and their families in the youth ministry, but I was limited to what I was able to do. At the same time, I realized how much time I spent counseling students as an admissions counselor. It got to the point that all sorts of students were scheduling appointments with me for counseling. I then realized how much I loved to counsel and pour into others. All along, I was doing my passion. I wanted to continue to help people, and I realized that I can do this and get paid for it.  I decided then to do whatever it takes to pursue this passion. I enrolled at Christian Theological Seminary, and eventually earned my degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. In my last year, I was working as a professional within Centerpoint Counseling, and earning my practicum hours at the same time. My practice at Centerpoint grew rapidly.

After about 4 years at Centerpoint, I was approached with the opportunity to do some advertising. In an effort to reach the Christian community, I wanted to do my advertising on the AM 1310 The Light radio station.  I wanted to reach Christians to help them see why therapy is important. Never did I imagine that the birth of The Love Connection Radio Show would happen as a result of just wanting to run a few ads. I was very fearful about doing radio initially, but that fear only ignited my faith. I knew this is what God wanted me to do. Now after about 3 years of being the host of my own radio show, I am now able to reach anywhere from 50-100 thousand listeners. God is truly amazing!

I began to outgrow my time at Centerpoint. There were more people who I wanted to reach to help heal. On January 5, 2014 Empower CCSD was birthed. My own practice with no contracts . . . Wow! I now have the ability to empower, counsel, coach, and provide spiritual direction the way God has envisioned me to do it. And, He is letting me do it with SWAG . . . straight playa style LOL. God is so cool!

My mission for Empower CCSD comes from Malachi 4:5-6

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. – NKJV

 I’m here to help families heal, to help sons and daughters heal from the hurt done by their parents, to help heal marriages, to help people conquer fear, and most importantly to help you become the man and the woman God created you to be!

Nathan McGuire, MFT

Through Empower CCSD, Nathan can uphold the mission/vision God has given him through one-on-one counseling, group counseling, workshops, and radio. Here are the many ways to follow and hear Nathan:

Empower: Counseling, Coaching, and Spiritual Direction

120 E. Market St. Suite 1020

Indianapolis, In. 46254

(317) 572-7533


Catch The Love Connection Radio Show – hosted by Nathan McGuire

Every 4th Monday of the month on AM 1310 The Light at 7:00pm EST

Live stream at:  www.praiseindy.com

Follow Nathan on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/LoveConnectionRadioShow