Perfectly Imperfect Inc.


Perfectly Imperfect Inc.: Inspiring women to embrace their imperfections from love’s perfect perspective.

Our Mission:

Perfectly Imperfect Inc. is a faith based organization promoting wholeness for women in mind, body, and spirit by inspiring them to embrace their unique imperfections and the unconditional love of a perfect God.

Our Vision:

To see a world where women exude gentleness, grace, and confidence from a place of wholeness and love impacting generations to come.

Our Methods:

Under the Perfectly Imperfect Inc. platform, is the blog Coco’s Couch: Embracing & Empowering Perfectly Imperfect Women. The blog provides messages from Founder/CEO and Blogger Hazel Owens. This blog will cover a variety of topics from growing spiritually, self love, embracing God’s design for womanhood, peer pressure, dating, relationships, healing from past hurts,  personal branding, and much more. Most importantly, it showcases to the reader that they are not alone in the challenges that many women of all walks of life may face.

Through workshops, blogs, and various speaking engagements  Hazel Owens will deliver a message to inspire/development wholeness, and seeing imperfections through the lens of Christ. Perfectly Imperfect Inc. believes that though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God.

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