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Omgsh guys! It’s been a minute since I have written anything on the blog. Seminary has kept me quite busy these days. I’m super excited to announce that I am in my final year!  In case you do not already know, I want to give a little bit of my journey. Also I am in the midst of inviting people to partner with me as I complete this final year. I wanted to be sure I put this on the blog as well. Making an ask like this has been very scary for me and it’s something I have been processing for the last 6 months or more. I’m so nervous about what people may think as it relates to this type of ask. The journey has been a humbling journey so far and if I have to humble myself some more to continue to push through then I’m okay with that. There is no turning back now! I’m too close! Plus, I am learning to see this as an opportunity to invite people to journey with me and partner in the work God is doing through me. You are welcomed to continue reading and I pray you will consider partnering with me in this journey!


I have been serving in ministry since 2012 at my church, Easter Star Church. After answering the call to teach in 2013, I began teaching our young adult Sunday School class. That led to teaching in our Women’s Ministry, JEWEL Bible Institute classes, Bible study and more. Soon I was being invited by churches and faith-based organizations to lead workshops, teach classes, and keynote speak at conferences. At the time of feeling the call to teach, I also was attending therapy and was receive spiritual integration as part of that therapeutic work. Because of my deeper relationship with Christ and therapy, my life did a 180. I remember wanting others to feel like I felt. I began to slowly discover my purpose.


I found myself wrestling with the idea of seminary as I continued to be in prayer about calling/purpose. I kept going back to that feeling I had when I completed a very intense therapeutic process that allowed me to also explore my faith more deeply. The call to teaching the Gospel and therapy became stronger; and going back to school became an act of trusting God. So, in May 2016, I applied to Christian Theological Seminary for their dual program of the Masters of Divinity and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I received an 80% paid tuition scholarship for attending and was admitted July 2016. In October of 2016, I sensed a call to take a leap of faith and quit my full-time job to work for God full-time in completing seminary and working in ministry where I can. Looking back, that was the best decision because at that time my father’s illness took a turn for the worst, and I had several flights back and forth to Colorado to help care for him. My father ended up passing two days before the final class of my first semester of seminary. I began feeling like I heard God wrong in quitting my job, going to seminary, and even being called to ministry full-time. However, the call chased me down and would not let me quit. This journey has been a huge leap of faith. I have maintained part-time work with Girls Inc. during the school year, selling jewelry, receiving a stipend from a two-year church internship position, and landing a work-study position at the Counseling Center where I see clients as part of my practicum requirement for school. I accepted a part-time staff position as a Pastoral Intern at Common Ground Christian Church-Midtown where I will oversee development and care for women, young adults and singles, and working with the lead pastor and other leaders in the efforts for racial reconciliation and the Gospel.

Ministry plans:

I feel called to continue to teach the Gospel whether through working on staff at a church, facilitating workshops/conferences for women through my developing organization Perfectly Imperfect Inc., or guest preaching/speaking. I also aim to go into private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist where I can help bring restoration to individuals, couples, and families and using spiritual integration as warranted by clients. I plan to take a portion of my work and dedicate it to providing resources, education, and therapy at an affordable rate to those of minority/marginalized populations in underserved communities.

Where partnership and support comes in handy:

The dual program takes normally about six years to complete. I have been pushing through the program very aggressively and am scheduled to be done in four years. I am now officially in my final year of seminary. My original scholarship had run out and I was notified earlier this year. I have prayed and spoke to people I needed to speak to about my situation while petitioning for another scholarship. I am happy to announce that I did receive another 80% paid tuition scholarship to cover my final year of seminary! While I am excited about this, I am at a place where I need help for the additional 20% plus cost of books. I figured I would get to this place of need and have feared asking for help for concern of what people may think. However, I have been getting a sense that this is an opportunity for someone like yourself to be able to partner with me in the kingdom work that God is doing through me. Me not inviting you in partnership will rob you of an opportunity to be apart of a unique ministry that is already impacting the lives of the clients I currently serve and the people I am privilege to minister to through my church and in my role as Pastoral Intern at Common Ground Christian Church – Midtown.

Would your prayerfully consider partnering with me first as a prayer partner and/or as a financial partner for my last year of seminary?

Prayer needs:

  • Discernment on whether God is leading me toward a pastoral position within a church.
  • Prayer in continued provision in basic living expenses.
  • For supporters in prayer and finances to come alongside me.

Financial needs:

  • Summer tuition cost $1,011 due by June 15, 2019
  • Fall tuition costs approx. $3, 500 (including an estimate on book fees) due end of August (date to be determined)
  • Spring tuition costs approx.. $3,500 (including an estimate on book fees) due mid January 2020 (date to be determined)

Total amount needed for tuition and books is approximately $8,000. No amount donated is too small. Donations can be made by sending a check via mail at my church office:

Hazel Owens 4550 N. Illinois St. Indianapolis, In. 46208 Please make checks payable to Christian Theological Seminary, or donate electronically via Pay Pal:

Whether through being a prayer partner, financial partner or both, I promise to keep you in the loop on updates with my process in the program, speaking/preaching opportunities, and other things that may come along through the final leg of this journey!

Please know that your inability to partner will not make me feel that your love and support is not there.

Stay tuned for more updates!

With blessings,


Here are links to my most recent sermons:

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