A Look Back to 2017

Hey love bugs!! Yes I know…it’s been ages since my last post! My goal is to get back to blogging more consistently in this new year. I have so many goals for this blog, and I seriously needed to regain my focus!

I want to share with you what all has been accomplished this past year!

First…I just celebrated my 4 year blogging anniversary!!!!! Some of you have been supporting me by reading, commenting, voting, sharing, and liking this blog for 4 years! You’ve have watched me grow, shared in your experiences, given me testimonies, and hung in there through my inconsistency! For that I say THANK YOU!!!!

So much has happened in 2017

  • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. hosted it’s first workshop!!! It was such a blessing and for me a huge success!
  • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. turned 1!!! That was exciting to see what a year of stepping out on faith was like!
  • Though falling behind in my studies due to my dad’s passing in December of 2016, I managed to finish my first year of seminary strong and started well into my second year. To God be the Glory!!!! (This is huge because a portion of Perfectly Imperfect Inc. cannot launch until I’m done with seminary)
  • The women’s group VIRTUE has been a HUGE success and it too turned 1 in November!! The women who join in with me to cultivate more VIRTUE out of our lives are beyond AMAZING!!! My heart is overjoyed every month we gather
  • Through selling Premier Designs jewelry, I have been able to support events, the women’s group, help with overhead costs, and give back to other women empowering organizations! I look to do more with this in 2018!
  • Lastly, I have served and represented Perfectly Imperfect Inc. through several speaking engagements to inspire and empower women!

2017 has been pretty good, but I have a feeling that 2018 will be even better! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! The best is yet to come!!!!

Do you follow me on social media?? Click the social media sections on this website and keep up with me for daily inspiration (and a little silliness too LOL)


Photos to highlight the year:

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