Quick Message to Singles

Hey love bugs!! This was just placed on my heart to share with those who are single. If you are anything like me, you may have moments that you struggle with the idea of being single. Maybe you wonder if you will EVER find the ONE…or will you remain single for the REST of your life…or maybe you struggle with loneliness…maybe you’re divorced or widowed and this new single life is foreign to you…I’m not sure where you are on the spectrum, but I encourage you to embrace this season!! 

One thing that has helped me, and continues to help me, is that life still needs to be lived!! It is important that you don’t rush this season for there is much to gain and discover in it. It’s the perfect time to serve God and discover things about yourself that you never knew. Life still needs to be lived

When I speak to singles in workshops or at conferences, I often ask: If you never get married or go on another date, what would you do? You can’t let life pass you by or miss out on opportunities/discoveries because you are so worked up in waiting for your mate to do things. 

As I sit here right now on a deck of a restaurant overlooking a reservoir, sipping a cocktail, and watching the sunset and its reflection bouncing off the lake, I can’t help but to thank God that He has brought me to this place of contentment in my singleness. It’s okay to take yourself out! And while I’m on my date night, I discovered that I’m a cheap date because my dinner and beverage was less than $20!!!! Lol! 

Seriously, enjoy this life you have…embrace the journey…and remember life still needs to be lived whether single or married! 



2 thoughts on “Quick Message to Singles

  1. Nita J says:

    I agree, and you can take yourself out, but sometimes, emphasis on sometimes, you want to converse with someone, have someone ask how your day went, have someone pick you up, especially when you are driving yourself to work, grocery shopping, paying bills, you want to be catered to. Just being real. 😀

    • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. says:

      Absolutely! This does not negate that there will be still longing for a mate. We all want that type of companionship…at least I do. However, there are so many singles that will not even think of the idea of doing things by themselves because their mindset is so wrapped up in being with someone. I recently told a group that while it’s okay to take yourself out and enjoy your “me” time that they should take caution in getting so wrapped up in self that they close off the opportunity to let the “one” in. It’s all about balance β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

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