Imperfection Meets Perfection

There’s nothing worse than carrying around a bag full of guilt, shame, embarrassments, and insecurities. The longer we carry that bag, the heavier it gets. Sometimes the bag gets so heavy that we tend to unpack it…not to throw the contents away…but to live amongst them. 

We inhale them…we wear them…we get comfortable with them…and at the same time we try to hide them from others. We get so good at hiding them that we tend to forget about them. 

Then one day we feel a tug to do something that’s bigger than ourselves; but we feel as if we can’t because of guilt, shame, embarrassments, and insecurities. Ultimately what we feel is FEAR. We say that we’re too flawed, too messed up, or too imperfect to do the very thing we’ve been called to do. 

It is at that point where God wants to show you He can perfect those imperfections. He can turn those embarrassing, shameful details of your life and make them beautiful. He can take your insecurities and secure them with an immearsuable amount of His grace and love! 

You say you’re too imperfect; God says, “You’re perfect!” He can do amazing things with imperfect people. Will you let Him? 


Remember this: Though you may be imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God! 

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