Is it Time to Jump? 

Hey love bugs! 

So I have had so many things placed on my heart by God, and I cannot wait to share it all with you! With that being said, this little message here is something that I have been dealing with for quite sometime. In a future blog, I will share more, but for right now I want to share a little piece that has encouraged me this morning. 

So here I am, just a scrolling on Facebook, wasting precious time, and I come across this quote by Chrystal Evans Hurst. First, let me just say how much I adore her and her podcasts, as well as her sister Priscilla Shirer…I just love them! Anyway this photo/quote was a great little reminder and in some ways confirmation for me….

Seems simple right? But trust me I know first hand how difficult this small instruction can be. When I read it this morning, I instantly was hyped!! I shared it on all of my social media platforms with this message as the caption: 

Either you’re going to fly or God will give you a soft cushion to land. Ask yourself…how long am I going to ponder about going after my dreams…pursuing my God given passion? 

What if your “what if’s” were positive? What if it actually may work? What if the resources come in ways you never imagined? What if the right people come along to help you? What if you take off and soar higher than you could ever imagined? What if…? 

Are you going to live your life asking “what if” or are you going to try and see what happens? 
At some point, we have to take that leap of faith and trust God. Remember whatever He promised you, you can bet money He will fulfill it. He is a promise keeping God. He will never take you to a place where His grace will not sustain you. But you…me…we have to trust Him enough to jump! Where there is vision…there will be provision. So are you ready to jump with me? 

Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God! 


(excuse the typos, posted this from my phone while on the go ☺️) 

3 thoughts on “Is it Time to Jump? 

  1. Jan Mitchell says:


    First of all, you, Hazel are definitely flowing in the Spirit in this season for this is a on-time,right now Word for me today. If my words sound a little excessive, it’s because my mind is still blown on how God has ministered to me today and sent confirmation through you and Chrystal Evans Hurst. Let me brief in explaining:

    There’s a little situation that I am facing that I have felt for the last 2 weeks to get busy handling it so that God can move me forward. I literally told someone just last week that I know God is telling me to move and I feel the urgency in getting it done, but because I couldn’t rationalize or figure the end out, I feel like I have one foot planted on the ground and the other in mid-air prepared to just step out, but stuck. Trust Issues. Even in spite of EVERYTHING He’s done and proven Himself to me in.

    THIS MORNING The Holy Spirit gave me three instructions:

    1.) Listen to “Greater” by Jekaylnn Carr because there’s a lyric in that song that messes me up each time I hear it and that’s when she sings, “He won’t leave you hanging”.
    2.) Read in Genesis where Abraham was commanded to leave his familiar surroundings and everything he knew to do the will of God.(Thank you Pastor Darryl Taylor in Avon for allowing the Holy Ghost to inspire you to bring this message out further, on 1310 The Light on last Monday and again this past Monday)
    3.) Read Hebrews 4 about entering into His rest-which translated for me a new place/dimension of trust and obedience to Him (Thank you Pastor Geri Louis-Freewill Outreach Ministries for being led by the Spirit to teach on this very timely topic!!)

    So, when I scrolled through my email and read your post, I was DONE. It’s time for me to move and no more time to waste! Thank you for being so inspired by the Holy Spirit! Continue to allow Him to use you in mighty,mighty ways!! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! I’mma about to lose control and I think I like it!!! Gloryy!!!

    • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. says:

      Omgsh!!! This is amazing!!! Every now and then God will give me something that I cannot sit on and this was one of those posts. So I literally stopped what I was doing to get it out. My prayer with every post is that it blesses at least one reader & if so job well done. I don’t to it for likes, shares, or comments…just pure obedience. With that being said, there are messages like this where I feel a sense of urgency to get it out & I pray that whoever is supposed to read it, it will bless them as much as it did me. So I thank you for sharing how this was on time for you & I praise God for delivering such message through me. Now that you have your confirmation it’s time to take that second step! God got you!! Blessings to you in this season! ☺️

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