Hello September! 

Hey love bugs! 😘🐞

I pray that this week thus far has been amazing! So this morning I woke up hyped!!! I mean on “100” (well most mornings are like this lol)! I started reflecting on the year, and saw how many ups and downs I’ve had already! 

The 1st quarter of the year started off great!! My friendships were in a good place, ministry just kicked back off and was off to a great start, finances were starting to take a turn for the better…the 1st quarter was making the year look promising. 

I started the 2nd quarter by registering my business, Perfectly Imperfect Inc. with the nudge of a dear friend. I was so focused! My family was doing great…everything seemed to be falling in place! 

Well here comes the 3rd quarter, and I must admit I got tired. I was starting to lose focus. I lost some key people that was with me in the first and second quarter. My heart was hurting bad! It was difficult to watch people leave without a notice, without a warning, no communication, just bounced. But God comforted me in that time. By the end of the 3rd quarter, my focus was back! I started pushing myself even harder to close the 3rd quarter better than it started. 

Now here we are in the 4th quarter! This is where champions are made! I’m determined to get the win!! It’s going to take hard work, focus, dedication, grit, and faith! 

My word to you is don’t give up now! You have fought too hard this year; you’ve cried one too many tears to give up now. Let’s push harder to finish this year strong! What have you let fall off in the 3rd quarter? I dare you to pick it back up! I dare you to start that business, start writing that book, get that small group or Bible study going, write that blog, re-organize that closet, apply for school, join that gym . . . whatever it is that you’ve been desiring to do or started doing but never finished, pick it back up! It’s the last quarter…how do you want to finish 2016? Let’s work ladies!!! 

Remember this: Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God! 



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