Rough morning: Don’t Quit

Hey love bugs! 

So this morning has been a bit rough for me. I literally have been trying to pull it together all morning, and it seems like the more I try, the more I fell apart. Now, normally I’m a super positive, sunshine and rainbows, & “life is great” kinda gal! This morning was a bit different…I was feeling like I just ran into a ton of bricks. 

So I mustered up the energy to pull it together long enough to get dressed, pop a couple of Aleve’s for this massive headache, and walk out the door. As I got in my car, I popped open Instagram and saw a reminder from my sweet friend Brandee that today was #FindingGraceFriday (something she started to get us to see God’s grace in our lives each week. By the way check out her site After seeing this reminder, I decided that I was not going to post. I look a mess, I feel a mess…I’m just a mess!! But God was like “Nope. You’re making that video!” 

So at the risk of being extremely late for work (because I already was running late), I posted my video. Then I praised God for being so amazing to me. I said a prayer about my state of mind this morning, and declared that today would be awesome! 

Unfortunately, the enemy wouldn’t let up on me so easily. I began to have racing thoughts about a major decision I’m making, and other areas in my life that are not exactly how I would imagine. I then can feel anxiety come over me as my eyes filled more and more with tears after each passing thought through my head. I excused myself from my desk, went into the break room, and sat in the “relaxing chair”. I began to cry out to God! I started feeling silly because I’m concerned about things and people that at the end of the day doesn’t matter. I know what His promises are for me, and yet I sat crying and spewing over things that are unimportant. 

I needed to let it all out. So I called my sweet friend Brandee (y’all seriously check out her site) and told her I needed to vent. I just let it all out without trying to sound polite, graceful, gentle…I just said how I felt. She listened and then began to confirm things I already knew. One thing she said that stood out was: Don’t quit on your happiness! 

I wanted to fall out right there! Those words was like the jump I needed for my battery. At that point I dried my eyes, sat up straight, and lifted my head. Don’t QUIT on your happiness! 

Here’s the thing: Happiness is based off of things that are happening. What you want is joy! I have that through Jesus Christ. But every now and then, the enemy wants you to focus on what’s happening to get you to a place where you are less satisfied with life, thus running the risk of him stealing your joy! Life may not be where you want it, but don’t quit! Focus on the things and people that make you happy! The areas of your life that is still a bit of a struggle, don’t worry about it. Surrender those things to God and let Him give you joy! Focus on your happiness! Take a deep breath with me, look around at all the things that are happening that gives you positive vibes/that makes your soul smile, and take life one day at a time! All things are working for your good and mine! Don’t quit on your happiness! 

Remember this: Though you are imperfect, you are loved by a perfect God! 


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