Won’t He Do It!!

Hey love bugs!! 

First, I know it’s been a minute, but I promise I have been working hard to get things back going. The new website is not exactly how I want it, but it’s getting there. I wanted to hold off on blog posts until things with the site was just “perfect”, but hey I’m imperfect and so is the site and that’s okay lol! Any whooo…

So I have gone back and forth since Friday on whether or not I should share this, and the timing to do so. Then I received news about the “icing to my cake” this evening, and went back and forth again.

I have to share this in hopes to help somebody understand just how big God is. So here it goes: 

For quite some time I debated about going back to school. Mainly because I simply didn’t want to. I didn’t want to deal with people who would look at me with confusion or disgust saying:

“You going back to school again?!?!” “You’re such a professional student!” “Why are you risking more debt?” Blah, blah, blah…

I have felt this nudge for full-time ministry for some time, but tried to fight it. I was scared…still am. It was within the past year that the whole school thing began to weigh heavy on me. 

I began to pray about it (although I knew the answer), but God kept entertaining my prayers. Then, finally I started praying specifically. I asked the Lord that if He wants me to do this to point me to the school. I also asked God to pay for me to go back to school if that is His desire. 

After much prayer, and fighting, I said “Ok Lord! I’m gonna do my part. I pray that you line things up and provide the funding necessary to pay for school.”

 I applied to Christian Theological Seminary  for the Masters of Divinity and Marriage & Family Therapy program out of obedience to God. In a matter of weeks, I was through the entire process. 

Friday, I received an email from a professor with a syllabus attached and a heartfelt congrats! What?!?! Then today I received the official acceptance letter. So since Friday I was excited that I got in, but was still in the dark on how to pay for it. Today with my official acceptance letter, I received a scholarship letter as well. I was awarded a scholarship to pay for 80% of my tuition!!! God did it!!! 

He lined everything up and paid for school! I’m so humbled by the opportunity to serve Gods people, and use this platform to do so. This is evident that we have to be specific with our prayers and to not limit God.

All things are possible with Him! You can’t tell me that prayer doesn’t work! I pray that this testimony is encouragement to someone to step out on faith and go after whatever it is God is calling you to. Your passion is God’s permission, and He will give you provisions to see your vision come to fruition. Won’t He Do It!!! 



14 thoughts on “Won’t He Do It!!

  1. Lauren Kelley says:

    Wow! That is awesome Hazel! I have to print this out as encouragement, and be more specific in my prayers. Congratulations!!

  2. leonardpatterson says:

    Go ‘on Hazel! That’s amazing – God has certainly done great things as you walk in his path! Congratulations!!!

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