#PerfectlyImperfect Campaign

Hey love bugs!!! I pray that you all have had a wonderful 2nd day of 2016!!! Woot woot!!!! I’m so excited about the things to come with this blog, and the time spent with God listening to Him on what He wants me to share with each of you! 

Because of your support, this blog has started to get a little bit of attention. So for that, again I say Thank You! 

Now I need your help…if this blog has been a blessing to you, won’t you join me in my #PerfectlyImperfect T-shirt campaign! The campaign is a way for us to wear our imperfections proudly. Our imperfections are the the things that make us unique to who we are; however each day we should strive to be better than the day before. 

So join me by purchasing your shirt today! Click on the link below for more details: 
Wear your Imperfections proudly! Purchase your #PerfectlyImperfect shirt today!!!! Join the campaign! #CocosCouch

Remember, though you are imperfect you are loved by a perfect God! 

Love you!


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