Be Like the Tea Bag

Hey love bugs!!! It’s been a while! I have been taking time to gain my focus back and write! Sometimes we  all fall off of what we know we are supposed to do but God has a way of getting us back on track! 

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all this morning’s message I did on Periscope. I’m going to try my best to get all Periscope broadcasts uploaded to the YouTube channel! Oh…that’s right…Coco’s Couch is on YouTube! So be on the lookout for more videos to be added to blogs soon! Bear with me though because I’m super low tech! LOL!

Click the link below and checkout this morning’s broadcast from Periscope! And if you are not following me on Periscope, Twitter, Instagram (@HazeyVHaze for all 3 sites), YouTube & Facebook (Coco’s Couch: Embracing & Empowering Perfectly Imperfect Women) please do so! When I’m not posting a blog, I am posting on those sites! Hope you all have a blessed Tuesday! Check out the broadcast!

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