When God Does The Breaking

When bad things happen, it’s so easy to put the blame on the enemy. Many of us tend to associate things that are bad/negative with the devil/enemy, and things that are good/positive with God. Sometimes we give the devil way too much credit.

How would you feel if I said that sometimes it’s God who is behind the “bad” that’s happening? Kind of hard to believe or take in, right? Well, it’s true. Sometimes it is God who is doing the beating, the breaking, the pressing, and the shaking in your life. The problem is, some of us can be too focused on the negative, bad, uncomfortable situation we are in that we can’t see the opportunity or message behind it. It’s through these rough storms where God is trying to tell/show you something. See we don’t like to see God in this light, so we blame the enemy.

August 4th, I fell and broke my leg. No “cool” story of how it happened. I literally was walking and fell. I didn’t trip, I wasn’t in a pair of my fav stilettos, I didn’t step off a curb, nor was there anything blocking my steps. I was walking on smooth pavement, crossing the street. I had my good friend’s two small children with me, having them hold both of my hands. When i fell, they were not affected at all. I still had a tight grip of their hands as I fell to my knees on the pavement. The kids didn’t trip nor stumble. Matter of fact, they didn’t even realize what was happening until we made it across the street with the help of two good samaritans.

For the first almost 3 weeks, I kept trying to make sense of this “freak” accident. Nothing made sense as to how it happened. Next thing you know, I had several people telling me, “God is trying to sit you down. He’s telling you to slow down!” I truly believe that, but I think there is something more He wants me to know/learn.

One day, I realized how much of a distraction my broken leg was for me. I saw myself focusing more on the brokenness and not the blessing of being broken. Blessing of being broken? Yep, there is a blessing through your brokenness . . . you have to shift your focus. After realizing this, I sat down to journal my thoughts. As I began to pour out on the pages, tears began to fall. It hit me . . . God you broke my leg! You did this to me! So I started to question what He was trying to tell me.

One thing I will share was that He broke my leg to get me to focus more on Him. I was becoming like the members of the church in Ephesus. Remember in the letter to Ephesus in the book of Revelation? God was praising them for the good they was doing, but told them they forgot about their 1st love. They lost their zeal/passion for the work they were doing for the Lord. It became routine for them.

For the past several months, things have become routine for me. I let work and the long hours I was putting in become a distraction to me. My serving and teaching God’s word became routine. I wasn’t going as deep into my studying like I was before. My 5am intimate time with God was slowly becoming non-existent. My blogging (something He told me to do) has been hit or miss.

Although I was doing good, there was no zeal. My time with God was slowly starting to be based off of feeling “I’m too tired . . . ” “I’ve worked too long . . . ” “I’m at the church too many times this week . . . ”

God had to break my leg to sit me still in order to show me where I was starting to head. Here is the blessing:

He broke my leg, but He never took his hand off me.

He needed to get my attention before I began to self-destruct. He had to stop me because what was becoming routine was getting in the way of my intimate time with Him. He had to break me in order for me to remember my first love (Him). He has to beat, shake, press, and break us sometimes to pull more of what He put in us out of us.

Maybe God didn’t break your leg . . . maybe He broke something else in your life. What’s your attitude when God does the breaking?

If God is breaking you, count it all joy. I dare you to take your focus off your broken state, and put it back on the one who can put you back together. Then get ready to be blessed. Start praising right now through your brokenness because His hand is still on you! Watch God move through your situation!

Be encouraged!


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4 thoughts on “When God Does The Breaking

  1. Jan says:

    Loved this post! So beautiful and it has helped me to start putting things in the proper perspective. This is actually a confirmation of what the Holy Spirit dealt with me earlier last week regarding. Guess I didn’t get it like I should have because now here it is again coming through you. Thank you for your “open ears” to the Spirit of God.

    • Coco's Couch says:

      Praise God! I’m so glad this post was a blessing to you! Thank you for your comment! Our struggles are opportunities for strength and development. His hand is on you, so count it all joy! Be blessed! 😊

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I too feel has to establish some things with us. Like i have often cried and complained about not having more at a certain in life, but then i realize God has delivered those things because i would misuse or mismanage them. I hear you right here.

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