Heart to Heart Series: Meet Chris Davis

For quite some time, I have been wanting to add a male’s voice to this blog. With the supporters being mostly women, I know many of us (women) want to hear a male’s perspective when it comes to dating and relationships. Although you all get to glean from my experiences, I’m not a man; and therefore cannot fully express in writing what a man thinks/feels when it comes to the topic dating and relationships.

My heartbeat is to try to encourage and empower women to be the best woman they are able to be. I want to help women to embrace the unconditional love of God, to heal from their past hurts, and to understand how to practice self love. In addition to all of this, I want myself and my sisters . . . yes all of you . . . to enter into healthy relationships with men. To the brothers who support this blog, you know by now that this site do not male bash. I want men to have a better understanding of women, and women to have a better understanding of men. In the end, my prayer is that we draw closer to God to help us to be the men and women God has called us to be. It is then, through Christ, that we are able to flourish in our relationships.

I say all of that to say, that God has placed it on my heart to start a blog series called “Heart to Heart”. It is through this series where we will explore topics as it relates to dating and relationships from both the male and female perspective. As I was sharing this vision with a dear friend, it became clear that he was the person I was to do this series with.

Please allow me to introduce you all to my great friend Min. Chris Davis. Chris and I have dug deep into several conversations around dating and relationships. We both realize that we share the same heartbeat for our respective genders. The things we discussed, we have been able to share them in other platforms, and now want to share with you! Check out Chris’s bio:

     Min. Chris Davis is the founder and president of The Bridge Leadership Foundation a local faith based organization that serves youth and families of Indianapolis. He attended Indiana University and played football for the Hoosiers (yes, Indiana is more than a basketball school!) He is single father of three superstar sons who are truly his pride and joy. In raising his sons, he often says that part of his job as a present and active father is to grow thoroughly equipped young men who will impact the world as good men and  “good catches.” A former educator, coach, and youth pastor, Mr. Davis has been serving youth and families for over 12 years. He is a poet, lover of music, and an avid movie buff.

     Chris has served and consulted in some of the largest ministries in the country. From his service, he has developed keen insight regarding single-hood, relational dynamics, and strategies to engineer health in these areas. His greatest desire is, taking a page from the late Dr. Myles Monroe, to live a life where he is gone, he will have given everything God has gifted him to give.

I’m so excited about this blog series! Please keep us in prayer as we seek to hear God’s voice on what and how to share with all of you.




5 thoughts on “Heart to Heart Series: Meet Chris Davis

  1. isitme2 says:

    Hi Hazel,
    Chris is an excellent choice for the male perspective! His insight on relationships during the taping of Pastor Sullivan’s message that aired on TBN in February was inspiring. He is an excellent example of fatherhood & believer in Christ! I look forward to reading the future blogs you & he have planned.
    LaToya 🙂

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