Attitude In Waiting Part 1

Not now . . . Soon . . . A little later . . . WAIT!

Huh? Wait? Why? I don’t want to wait! Do any of you struggle with waiting at times? I know I do. I, at times, do not like to wait for something I want so badly. What’s even worse is waiting for something you can see . . . that desire to grab it is burning on the inside, but this is not your time to have it. How frustrating is that?

Recently, I read a devotional that sparked a reminder for me to maintain a positive attitude while waiting. I have to remember to change my perspective about the waiting process. 

It is important to keep your attitude in check while you wait. As I write this post, it’s a reminder for me to do the same thing. I am very impatient! I mean very impatient! Extremely impatient! When I want something, I want it! And typically I want it in an instant. Things don’t always work that way, and when they don’t my impatient nature kicks in, and I catch an attitude. Now this 32 year old woman is throwing a fit like a 3yr old! How ugly is that?! 
So when I read that devotional recently, it caused me to reflect on moments when my 3yr old behavior kicked in. What came over me was this:
Our waiting is not in vain. That job you’ve been waiting for, that opened door, that turn around in your finances, that new ministry idea that’s inside of you, that relationship you desire, the children you want to conceive, your marriage to turn around…whatever you are waiting for, know your waiting is not in vain. Your time is coming! BUT . . . your attitude about your waiting can prolong receiving the very thing you’ve been waiting for. 
We can’t walk around like 3yr olds pouting, fussing, & throwing temper tantrums because we are not receiving what we want at the time we want it. When we behave this way, we lose focus on why we are in a waiting period to begin with. You have to hold on in knowing that there is purpose in your waiting, and that God haven’t forgot about you. We have to keep our attitudes in check about our waiting
Yeah it’s not always easy. We live in a society where we don’t have to wait for anything. Everything is fast . . . But God moves in His on timing. So let’s not let a bad attitude prolong receiving what God has for us! 
“Attitude in Waiting Part 2” is where I will blog about some of the things I do (at least try to do) to maintain a positive attitude while I’m experiencing my waiting period! Be on the lookout for this future blog post! 
With love,

3 thoughts on “Attitude In Waiting Part 1

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hazey. This post is so true. I have often said that timing and God’s Plan is a masterpiece that you have to allow to come together with patience. When we think we deserve something right now it often isn’t the time because God knows we wont properly use the very thing we are waiting on. I cant wait for Part 2.

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