Delay Doesn’t Mean Denial

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I typically do not make a blog post without praying about it, and going through it to make sure it reads exactly how I need it to read. But this morning is a little different. . .

This morning my heart is going out to those who struggle with God’s delay! I too at times have a hard time understanding why certain things haven’t happened for me yet. Why I have strong, burning desires for things & it seems like I’m being stalled on seeing them fulfilled. It seems like the very desires I have is happening for everyone else but me! I at times question: When is it going to be my turn? 

Maybe you feel this way now or have felt this way before. Maybe you too are wondering: 

  • When will it be my turn to marry? How much longer do I have to wait for my spouse? How many more relationships do I have to see before I enter my own? 
  • Remember God that child you promised me? Why haven’t I conceived? Why did you allow me to conceive just so I can have a miscarriage? Now I’m surrounded by pregnant women. When will it be my turn? 
  • You gave me this vision but it’s a struggle to get it off the ground. I see so many people operating in their calling, and yet you are making me hold on to the vision because the timing isn’t right. 
  • Lord my ministry isn’t operating at the level you told me it would. Yet I keep seeing all of these other ministries growing & blossoming! When will my ministry take off? 
  • I have been trying to advance in my career but every door I try to walk into, you shut! So many of my friends and coworkers are excelling in their career field, and I can’t get out of my current job. You know I don’t want to be where I’m at. You know how much I despise what I’m doing. When will it be my turn to move on?

I know first hand how difficult it is to experience delay. . .To have to wait for something that is promised to you. To have to see your very desire daily but God says not right now. Yes, it sucks! It’s frustrating! But God is still faithful! 

We have to remind ourselves that our delay is not God’s denial. He hears your cries, He sees every tear that soaks up your pillow, and He feels your pain, but there is purpose behind it all. Instead of focusing on your delay, seek God for wisdom in the process. Ask Him what it is He is trying to reveal to you while He has you on delay from the very thing He promised you. Seek Him to be sure that your desire is His desire for your life. 

God makes due on His promises! So don’t let the enemy trick you into believing that it won’t happen for you. God has not forgotten about you! He is aware of the promises He made towards you. It’s time to shift your focus off of your lack and fix your eyes back on Him. He is trying to show you something! Understand that your delay may be God’s way of protecting you from something. If He gave it to you too soon, it may cause more harm than good. Know He is in control. God loves you and He cares. He wants His very best for you! His timing is perfect!

Your delay is not your denial…your time/turn is coming…be patient! 

Be blessed! 


4 thoughts on “Delay Doesn’t Mean Denial

  1. TheRickhitch says:

    Dear Hazel,

    What a beautiful article. I have learned that when everything and everyone fails us, God, in spite of giving us a hard time at times (only so that we may grow even further) never fails to shield us. I appreciate your honesty, and am sorry that you have had to face all those hardships. But with your intelligence and with your faith, I have no doubt that soon you will reach the top of those million steps he has put in front of you.


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