Lately God has been dealing with me on people not seeing themselves the way He sees them. Psalm 139:14 has been weighing on my heart! We are fearfully and wonderfully made! Everything God created was good. So since He created you then guess what? Yep…you are good! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! His fingerprints are all over you!

It is time we start to believe it! We have to get to a place where we see ourselves and others the way God sees us.


So…God has placed it on my heart to use my social media platforms to start #IAm statements. These statements will be statements I/we (prayerfully) will and should be speaking over ourselves. They will represent positive things about us or how God sees us.

The person that talks to us the most is ourselves! Starting tomorrow, I will post a selfie on my Instagram, Twitter, and the blog’s Facebook page with a different #IAm statement in hopes to encourage women, men, boys, & girls to see themselves how God sees them. I will do this for a whole week.

Want to join me? I hope you do…

Tomorrow post a selfie to your social media platforms holding your #IAm statement using the hashtags: #IAm & #CocosCouch in your post! We have to start seeing ourselves the way God sees us! Please join me!

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Be blessed!

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