Not Cheated But Chosen

Ever felt like you’ve been cheated by God? Like you are constantly getting the short end of the deal? I know me asking this as a Christian seems a bit strange, but let’s be real for just a moment. Many of us at some point or another have felt cheated by God. If that’s not the case for you, then that’s awesome! I, myself, would be lying if I said I have never felt this way before or at times can still feel this way. Of course I haven’t turned my back on God, but I have questioned when is it my turn? Why am I being jipped?

In my flesh, I at times look at my sacrifices and can’t make sense of why some things haven’t turned around for me.

I can’t make sense as to why I take two steps forward just to feel like I’m taking four steps backwards.

I can’t make sense of how I have decided to surrender myself to Him and still feel like I’m fruitless in some parts of my life.

I can’t make sense of how I can serve God, serve His people, and put my all into it & yet I feel attacked from every angle. And sometimes have no one to pour into me.

I can’t seem to wrap my tiny, little brain around the fact that I gave up my promiscuous ways, stopped dating random guys, and started doing this dating/purity thing God’s way and a sista haven’t been on a single date since.

I can’t understand it and because I can’t make sense of it, I begin to feel cheated!

It was about a month ago when Priscilla Shirer came to minister to us at my church. In her sermon, she gave an illustration of a friend of hers that gave up her nice paying corporate job out of obedience to God. She goes on to share about the sacrifices this woman made out if pure obedience but things were not blooming for her. After a while of feeling defeated, she shares that the Holy Spirit told her friend, “You haven’t been cheated, you’ve been chosen!”

When she spoke those words that particular Sunday, I got chills! All the times I felt cheated by God, now made sense. I have been chosen.
It was confirmation that through it all, I am being strengthened as I continue to put my trust and faith in Him. He chose me and He chose you for such a time as this. You are the best soldier for the job! Understand that He who began a good work in you will carry it through to completion (Philippians 1:6)

Now, every time I begin to feel cheated, I remember those words: You have not been cheated; you’ve been chosen!

God has not forgotten about you! Keep pushing, & keep believing that He will make due on all of His promises. Remember obedience is always better than sacrifice!

Be encouraged!


6 thoughts on “Not Cheated But Chosen

  1. marie624 says:

    After reading the post I have often felt that way cheated. Wondering why didn’t I get this are that are why didn’t this happen to me. And why has God just passed me by once again but then I set back and think maybe its just not my time . He has not forgotten about me maybe its some things I need to do first on my end to get ready for what ever he has in store for me. So instead of feeling cheated are sorry for myself I just need to be ready to receive what ever blessings are waiting for me when he is ready to give them to me.

    • Coco's Couch says:

      Abdolutely! There is a time and season for everything! We just have to remember that is timing is always perfect. He knows exactly what we need when we need it! Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. newisrael7 says:

    Please read everything before coming to a conclusion. I too have and do feel cheated by the Lord. Yet I learned a very real and hard lesson. We American Christians have to see ourselves within the context of the world. Comparatively, we are extraordinarily blessed. You’ve frankly got to stretch your mind beyond the Bible to appreciate this. But more than that, the Lord has cheated us (!) in order for us to understand how badly cheated many in the rest of the world are. Those babies that starve to death in Asia and Africa and Latin America – they’re not mere statistics to the Lord, they’re deaths he feels and suffers. Finally (to keep things short) he cheats us to help us understand both how he feels, and how those who’ve been cheated of opportunities, prosperity, political liberties and even their loved ones.His purpose is not to cheat us but to motivate us to make real differences in the lives of the cheated for His sake and glory. That’s why we feel cheated, because the Lord and many in the world really are. When you understand that and go about helping those unfortunate people, the Lord will replace your feelings of injustice with justice and wholeness.


    • Perfectly Imperfect Inc. says:

      I’m so sorry that happened to you. My prayer is that through this difficult time, you find comfort and strength in the Lord. I pray that God not only restore all that you lost but do you like He did Job and give you double for your trouble. Know that God still choose you!! He loves you and is with you at this very moment. Thank you for reading this post and for your comment! God bless you!

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