RIP Robin Williams

Please understand that depression is real!

Although I am deeply sad to hear about the death of Mr. Robin Williams last night, I want to encourage those out there battling depression, addiction, or any other mental illness to please talk to a professional that can help you. As my pastor would say, “Don’t give a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”


Whatever it is you are facing be encouraged to know that God is bigger than that. He can heal you and will appoint the right people to you to help you heal. Trust me I know! I shared my own healing journey on this blog site.

It is so important to get the help that you need. Once you seek the help, you have to do the necessary work. Don’t give up!! With the right help, each day will get better.

Last thing, please understand that you are loved. And if no one tells you then I will. I love you & God loves you more! Seek Him and get the help you need to overcome whatever it is that is binding you! Watch how your chains will begin to break!

Be encouraged! RIP Robin Williams

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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