Kick Back & Relax

Hazel balconyOne of the joys I find about being a woman is the fact that I have the ability to take on so many tasks and wear so many hats at one time. Women are built to be nurturers. With that nurturing spirit, we tend to take on caring for so many people. Women . . . we are nurses, counselors, chefs, drivers, and maids to so many of our loved ones. We are also workers, entrepreneurs, and students in addition to the previously mentioned roles. Oh the many hats we wear, and we wear them around the clock. How awesome is that? One thing that we have a problem with is not taking care of ourselves. So often we put others and tasks that we have to do first, then take care of self last. Sometimes we wait too late to take care of self, forcing our bodies to shut down on us. Headaches, migraines, fatigue, and stress will hit us hard, and we will crash. For me when this happens, it always seems to happen at the time I really need to get things done. This is why it is so important to find times to relax! Yes . . . I said it . . . relax! Take some time to take care of self! And no it’s not selfish if you do!

Being single with no kids, I still find myself to be pretty busy; constantly on the go, go, go! Although being busy works for me, I have the tendency of going so hard that I will neglect my “me” time. So this Memorial holiday weekend, I decided to take some to relax, have fun, and kick my feet up. I didn’t concern myself with matters from work, the needs of others, this blog, work for the ministries I serve in, nothing. It was all about stealing a much needed break before my body shut down on me or I snap on someone lol. So as part of my “kick back & relax” type of weekend, I called the girls up, gassed up my car, and we took a day trip 2 hours away to Cincinnati. It was time to get away!

This girls day trip was just what I needed. Actually, I think each of us needed it for our own reasons. It was a great time just being us! Being women! We ate, we laughed, we explored, we shopped . . . we were just us! No talks about work, school, kids, church, ministry, or men! I was shocked about the men part. I mean each of us are single desiring that husband, and not one of us brought men up in conversation! Hazel's Girls Duck lips


hazel's girls smiling

But my time of relaxing didn’t stop there. The next day I stole another moment. The weather was beautiful, so I stayed out and enjoyed the outdoors. Walked along the beautiful Canal in Downtown Indy, grabbed sushi and a cocktail with a couple girlfriends, then spent time with God out on my balcony reading and meditating.

This weekend was not about anything other than me relaxing and putting my needs first! So beautiful woman . . . I know you are a wife, a single parent, a mother, a business woman, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a ministry worker . . . you are sometimes called on as a nurse, a counselor, a driver . . . your various hats are worn 24/7 and yes you are tired! Trust me, it’s okay to take those hats off for just a moment to let your hair down and be you! It’s okay for you to kick back and relax sometime! You owe it to yourself!

It has been said many times that you can’t take care of others without taking care of yourself. When you board a plane, right before take off, the stuartist instructs you on how to use the oxygen masks in case of an emergency. He/She will tell you to put your mask on first before helping someone else with theirs. Why? Because you run the risk of losing too much oxygen and can faint. How much help would you be to someone else if you faint while trying to help them with their mask first? You need oxygen to help keep you going, so that you can be of help to someone else. So I challenge you to  get some oxygen. Try to find at least 25 mins in the day where you can breathe and kick back and relax. You will feel better, your body will appreciate it, and you will be more efficient when wearing your many hats!

Hazel Feet Up



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