Talk To Each Other

talking on phone The other day I made a post on Facebook that states: If we started talking to each other instead of about each other, a lot of problems wouldn’t exist.

Now, I’m sure that this is a direct quote from someone and is not of my “Hazelisms”. At the time of the post, I didn’t feel like researching where this originated. Still don’t. I’m sure some great author, philosopher, teacher, or just someone of really high importance originally stated this. I may have ran across it in my random scrolls on the Internet. Regardless of where it came from, I truly agree with the statement and feel that it speaks volume.

Recently, I have been faced with situations where this statement has come to life for me. It is so important for us to communicate with one another. Communication is a two-way street. Cliché I know, yet again very true. The problem is that people don’t know how to, and in some cases don’t have to communicate. Also, some are just lazy and find it much easier to vent their issues, frustrations, disappointments, and anger with everyone other than the person it needs to be directed to. Thus making the problem bigger than what it has to be.

We will go to Facebook and throw out our shots at people through hidden subliminal messages. Or go to our friends, who are like-minded, dish out our emotions, get them hyped up, thus adding fuel to your fire. We go to our family members and even our co-workers . . . but what about the person you so-called have the issue with?

Often times conflict occurs because of lack of knowledge and understanding. Someone says something or do something that triggers a negative emotion or a bad memory. We then are quick to label that person, get defensive, and cut them off. They may not have a clue as to what they did. Because you didn’t talk to them about what you are feeling, now there is tension between you two and everyone else that you invited into the situation. Had you took the time to cool off, then have the conversation with them, you would probably find out that they either:

Didn’t know or was unaware of what they did

What was done was taken out of context and was not intended to cause hurt

That maybe it was something you did that prompted them to react a certain way

Maybe the situation was a huge misunderstanding due to a breakdown in communication


Point is, you would never know unless you talk to the person, instead of about them to other people or social media. What do you gain from talking about the other person? Absolutely nothing!

Guess what . . . you are upset, losing sleep, spending time and energy in bringing this person up to everyone you come across, and that person haven’t given you or the situation a second thought. He/She is not wasting their time and energy, nor losing sleep, over you. So if someone has you “feeling some type of way” (hate that saying; yet it’s so fitting right here) talk to them. Make them aware of how you feel. Show some maturity. Put your “big girl panties on” and have the conversation!


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