Is It Over For You?

20140415-215245.jpg Letting go of people can be a hard thing to do. Even letting go of those we know are not good for us can be hard. Often times we psych ourselves out to our friends and family by trying to convince them and ourselves that we are over him. We think that if we repeat it enough times, then we will be over him . . . we will forget him.

Have you ever found yourself trying to get over someone you never had? In this case, it was probably over before it could even start. Learn to Let Go! If he wants to walk out on you, let him keep walking. This is not the time for you to dust off your running shoes and chase after him. In some cases, you may need to give him an exit strategy. Once it’s over, you have to be okay with it being over.


Here are 10 signs to know it’s not over for you:

1. You find yourself re-reading old text messages.

2. Every time he post something on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram,
you magically become an FBI investigator.

3. When you’re around him, you notice every little thing he does,
and you get irritated by it.

4. Your mood changes when he’s around.

5. You coach yourself daily to not call or text him.

6. Your feelings get hurt when you get word about him dating or
trying to date someone else.

7. The mention of his name makes you stop everything you are
doing just so you can listen more closely. Often times finding
yourself eavesdropping.

8. When #5 doesn’t work, you find any excuse to call just so you can
hear his voice (secretly hoping for a sign that maybe something is
still there).

9. You constantly say to others that you’re over him; yet he is always
on your mind.

10. You get upset when someone points out that you’re not over him.

Understand that it is hard to get over someone once emotions have set in. Recognize that you may not be over him, and be honest with yourself about it. Also be patient with your heart. Finding someone new to fulfill that void, is not the best thing to do. Get active, pray, and surround yourself with people who support and love you. Soon you won’t have to question if it’s over for you . . . you would know that it is.


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