Falling for a Bird’s Call

Earlier this morning, I was going over my lesson in preparation to teach Sunday School. As I am sitting in my bed, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful, sweet sounds of birds chirping/singing outside my bedroom window. I love the sound of birds chirping in the morning, therefore I was easily distracted . . . well if I’m being honest, I’m easily distracted by lots of things lol. 

So as I’m sitting in my bed, now listening to the birds, my initial thoughts were: How awesome is it that a bird can wake up at the “butt-crack” of dawn and sing so loudly & beautifully; yet we wake up so grumpy, fighting the alarm clock for an extra 5 minutes. Don’t worry . . . I’m guilty too! It was in that thought that I began to research why birds chirp so loudly in the morning.

According to an article I read, scientists say that it is mostly the male birds that do the singing for primarily two things:

1. To proclaim their territory.

2. To attract the female birds or to warn off other male birds from their female mate.

I’m going somewhere, so stick with me lol

The female bird hear the chirping, but are very selective in which male bird they will choose as their mate. The louder, the stronger the chirp is of a male bird, is usually an indicator that his territory is large, and that he has plenty of food. The female bird don’t just answer to any male bird’s song; no matter how sweet it may be. They choose wisely for the male bird that has the large territory. Because his territory is large, he will protect it, protect her, provide for her, and lead her. The other male birds may sound sweet to her, but she wants the one with a loud, strong chirp. Also, the male bird chirps the loudest early in the morning. He starts early, before any other male bird even tries to invade his territory or come at his mate. He wakes up early to work to provide, protect, and lead!!!

Ladies, what are we looking for in a man? Do we want someone who sound and appears to be sweet or someone who is a provider, protector, and leader? IF a bird has common sense to choose their mate wisely, how much more time should we take in choosing our mates!

What bird call are you falling for?


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