I’m Passionate About My “Me TIme”

This is so important to do! I schedule “Hazel Days” where I take time out for myself & just do all the things I want. So I agree with Keith…it’s so important to have yourself some “me” time! You have to take care of you!



When was the last you had a date night with the most important person in the world. I’m talking about yourself. There are times where I’m busy with work, helping others, keeping tabs on my kids and doing other BS. That I tend to  neglect myself. So, when I need a break for everything and everyone. I plan an evening with the most important person I know. Me. There are times you need to break away from people and things to keep your sanity. There is nothing wrong with seeing movie, having dinner at a new spot, or just sitting at home just chillin’. How can you help others if you are being pulled in so many directions.

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