On the Couch: The “Busy Body” Workout w/Marlon Coutee Jr.

Busy-gym-womanAs we continue on this journey to loving our bodies by feeding it the proper nutrients and exercising regularly, I can’t help but to think about women who have hectic schedules like me. Lately, I am finding it extremely hard to get to the gym to put in 30 minutes of work. I know I’m not alone. So I talked to my dear friend, Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist Marlon Coutee Jr., to have him share with me some exercising tips for those with a busy schedule. Marlon has been awesome in sharing his expertise thus far “On the Couch”. So if you are looking to love your body by taking better care of it, check out these tips from Marlon:

Everybody say with me “Activity”! Yes, Activity is all you need. That’s all a work out is. A work out can be something as simple as doing laundry or mopping the floors. So again, activity is all you need. There are just varying intensities of activity that may be needed to produce specific results.

So for the very beginner, try these out:

–       Walk the Mall: Have fun with it and take a friend or two. Each of you try on a 2- piece “beach” side outfit that you want to see yourself in. Set a goal for yourself or with the crew, and hold each other accountable.

–       Grocery shopping

–       Walking the dog: It will make you feel good and I’m sure the dog would appreciate the time outdoors.

–       Laundry: Requires much lifting of heavy loads of clothes, detergent, folding, walking back and forth to put things away . . . lots of activity here.

–       Park in the back of the parking lot: Quit circling around the parking lot of your favorite store looking for the closet parking space. Park in the back and get those extra steps in.

Speaking of steps . . .

–       Take the stairs: Watch what stair climbing can do for your legs and gluts.

 That’s all activity, and you can do one of those every day of the week. Switch it up or designate days. You may decide on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s you will take the stairs to your office floor, instead of the elevator. Or you will walk the parking lot on your lunch or break. The key is to try not to make this change over-night; take small steps to avoid being over whelmed.

Now that you’re moving, step it up a notch:

–       Try jogging with the dog:

–       Maybe you walk/jog in the next 5k event with your accountability partners from the mall!

–       Join a local Zumba or hip hop dance class

–       Use the kids Wii or Xbox connect to play the Michael Jackson experience or Dance Revolution.

You’re moving now, you’re getting comfortable with being active, and you are actually starting to love it! You are telling everyone about it. Then, you notice that people are starting to tell you that you are losing inches.

Your momentum going, let’s step it up:

–       Join the local gym

–       Find your local parks and trails and do some jogging outdoors. Maybe you can attempt some pull ups on the monkey bars to test yourself and using that to create new challenges

–       Try doing push-ups at home 

–       Introduce body weight exercises into the mix.

So, you joined the local gym because you can’t be at home to work out. At the same time you can’t miss your favorite 7pm show. If you going to jog/run on the treadmill, bring head phones, most treadmills at the gym have TV’s built in with standard cable and local channels. You can now do both!

Got a basement in your house or a ground floor and some room? Grab a jump rope or hula hoop and get active in front of the TV while your show is on!

–       Jump rope during commercials

–       Run the stairs in your house

–       Do some squats or lunges on commercial break

It all counts. Easy enough right?

working out no chore

Now that all has been mentioned, you can do this in 30 minutes to an hour because every little bit counts . . . even if you have to break your activity up. The number one thing is to make sure you understand that all movement counts. It’s better to do 10 mins, 5 x a day, than to talk about doing a 1hr 5 x a week, and never getting around to it because frankly, life can happen at any time. You’re busy so you may feel like you never get a solid hour to yourself in a day anyway. All the more reason for you to, break up your activity.

If you do these tips, you have now set the tone, and you’re learning how to fit it in your schedule!

Last thing . . . you have to make sure you are eating right. You have to start somewhere:

fitness plate

For the “I’ve been eating fried chicken and corn or green beans out the can all my life” folk:

–       Just simply bake or pan-sear the chicken in olive oil.  Or my favorite, grill it. Check Pinterest for ideas or even FB groups like Fitness Life (I try and share good ideas there from others in the clean eating communities.)

–       Start to play with your natural seasonings: Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cumin, garlic, onions, green, red, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne (spice helps speed the matabolism).

–       Buy your veggies frozen or even better fresh. Stop boiling them and steam them. Keep the nutrients in the veggie.

–       Eat more fruits

–       Start to eliminate complex carbs like white potatoes, rice, pastas, (white bread is always a no no), but pick up your veggie intake. The more colorful your salad is the more nutritious by rule of thumb

–       Take a look at choosemyplate.gov for daily recommend servings for those who are not that active or just starting to get active and learn to eat better.

You decide where you want to go in terms of continuing towards your goals. Join challenge groups on social media, check out your local trainers and nutrition specialists. Some personal trainers have a nutrition background or training and some don’t so ask. Use your resources, and share recipes with your accountability partners.

You are well on your way to loving your body properly!

After getting these tips, I have no excuse to get in a good work out in the midst of my busy schedule. I guess that’s why he is called “Mr. No Mo Excuses”

Remember this is all about a healthier you. To empower you to look as good as you feel. We are all not a size zero, nor will we ever be. Women are beautiful . . . we come in all shapes and sizes. The key is to feel good, and let our bodies work for us long term.


You can contact Marlon by:


Instagram at: @_NoMoExcusesFitness

Facebook page: facebook.com/pages/Fitness-Life


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