On the Couch: Keeping that New Year’s Resolution w/ Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist Marlon Coutee Jr.

Fitness image Soon we will be ending the first quarter of 2014 and many folks have kicked their New Year’s Resolution to “get fit” to the curb. At the start of the year, gyms across the country are packed with people empowered and “determined” to commit to a new lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating. Like many, I too have struggled with being consistent in my workouts and eating healthy. Why is it that we find it so hard to keep our “get fit” New Year’s Resolution? Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Marlon Coutee Jr. share his perspective on why it’s so hard to keep the commitment to “getting fit”, as well as tips to keep that commitment alive.

What are the goals you are setting for yourself? Often times, people tend to set unrealistic goals or fail to trust someone to put those goals into perspective. As a personal trainer, part of why you pay me is for me to be honest with you. I am also paid to get you to your goal with all of my power. In all of my time spent in the gym, I have noticed that those who had the ability to set realistic goals have been successful. That applies to life; not just in the gym.

Eating healthy and working out has an abundance of benefits. There is one benefit that I think to be the foundation of the total quality of life spectrum. That benefit is to give yourself the best chance to functionally enjoy all the days of your life. By functionally, I mean the ability to move around freely; free of Cancers, Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, High Cholesterol etc.  All those ailments causes you to stress, and robs you of your chance to enjoy all the days of your life relatively speaking. However, if we eat right and workout, we lessen our chances of suffering from those ailments. Imagine how great life would be, if you are able to physically enjoy the times you had in your 20’s while you are 80 plus years of age?! How great would it be to be able to get out of bed at 82 years of age, put on a pair of Airmax 2015’s, and go for an afternoon jog on the local trail? Taking care of your body while you are young will have lasting benefits as you age.

Here are some tips to keeping that “get fit” New Year’s Resolution alive:

–          Keep it Simple: Keep your fitness goals and their outcomes simple. Don’t set unrealistic goals. Trust someone to help you keep the goals you set; like a personal trainer.

–          Be Fully Committed: Approach your health and the journey of your life as priority number ONE! Invest fully in yourself, and never let the obstacles and cloudy days deter you. This could arguably be the most important thing to understand. You have to make your health journey a priority.

–          Celebrate the “small” Progression: Celebrate every inch and pound lost like as if you have hit the lottery, but be smart about it. So that means you have to start making and practicing better choices. This doesn’t come natural to some of us, so you must practice at all times. When you have that party, have it with your fitness family members because they will give you the best chance to make those better choices. For example, have a fruit tray competition on a random weekend to celebrate with people.Fitness image 2

–          Surround Yourself with Positive Influences: It makes a significant difference if you have a circle of people who have a similar focus.  I’m not saying to replace your best friend, nor am I saying this group has to all be gym rats. However, it does help if they are gym goers or on a healthy living journey as well. Or even people who are invested in your health journey, and truly want to see you succeed.
Now remember these are just some things you can do. This list is not all inclusive, but is meant to give an idea of what it takes to build a solid foundation you can be confident in! Don’t give up! The journey to a healthy lifestyle is just that . . . a journey. It’s a process, but you must have a determined mindset to start and complete your journey.


If you have fallen off the wagon on your health and fitness goals you have set this year, understand you can pick right back up. This is for me as well, as I too struggle with keeping my commitment to maintaining consistent workouts and healthy eating. So let’s continue to journey together as Marlon empowers us to love our bodies!

You can contact Marlon at:


Instagram at: @_NoMoExcusesFitness

Facebook page: Fitness Life

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