On the Couch: Fitness Life w/ Marlon Coutee Jr.

How important is your body to you? Do you find yourself struggling with losing weight and/or eating healthy? To kick off a series of blogs dedicated to empower women to take better care of their bodies, we will be getting messages and advice from fitness trainer and nutrition specialist Marlon Coutee Jr. Ladies, when I tell you this guy is the truth . . . my oh my! Check out Marlon’s story, and get ready to be about that “Fitness Life”:Marlon's fitness side pic

Since a young age, I have always been an activity seeker. My family and friends have always looked to me for fitness advice. This could be due to the fact that I have stayed in decent shape. I truly understand the importance of staying healthy. In college, I worked with IUPUI Intramural Sports. I had key access to the weight room and gym. This gave me more practice to help others push themselves to achieve their fitness goals. After college, I moved on to the corporate world. I eventually grew tired of my capacity within Corporate America, and decided to pursue my NASM personal Training Certification. My VP at Bluegreen had a vision for me. Through that vision I was blessed with an excellent opportunity to be the first Corporate Wellness Coordinator with the company. Talk about purpose!  That position has helped fuel my desire to learn more and understand the total wellness spectrum . . . not just all fitness!! With that, I went on to earn more certifications and acquire knowledge that will be useful in helping others.

In addition to being a Corporate Wellness Coordinator for Bluegreen, I also work independently. I am a Personal/Group Fitness Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and TRX Suspension Trainer. My main goal is to educate and spread knowledge about total health and fitness. I also aim to educate the importance of creating a work/home life balance.

Through working in the corporate sector and independently, I work with a nice share of women. Often times I see women struggle with the battle of weight loss and overall maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s not to say that men do not struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle either. So here is a bit of advice:

Be confident and be patient! Embrace where you are right this moment, no matter what. Stop making excuses! It is better to try to prevent illness rather than try to react to illness. Realize if we cannot commit to our own selves we will fail to recognize true happiness.  Beauty comes from within; however, it is important to treat your body well. Everybody desires to look as good as they feel. You need a healthy functioning body to give you a better chance in life to spread that positive, loving legacy that lives deep down inside! Love and embrace your body . . . care for it like we do our cars. Embrace your journey! Own it!


Well, there you have it! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It is so important feel good and look good. Your body is a temple. As women, we have a tendency of taking care of ourselves last. Let’s journey together to take the necessary time to out to take better care of our bodies.

You can contact Marlon at:


Instagram at: @_NoMoExcusesFitness

Facebook page: Fitness Life

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