Single on Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day:
Man do I remember when I used to feel down on this holiday. I have never celebrated the holiday besides the times when you’re a kid and everyone gets a card and candy lol. I had boyfriends and dated guys, but never celebrated this holiday. Never received flowers from a guy (including my dad) for anything let alone one of the busiest/booming days of the year for florists lol.
Trust me it was not because I didn’t want to celebrate, I dated guys who were jerks and never thought enough to actually spend the day with me. Notice I didn’t say they didn’t celebrate the holiday…it just wasn’t with me lol. Or I wasn’t dating at all.
So I found this holiday to be sad for me for most of my 30yrs being on this earth up until a few years ago. Something happened where I decided to no longer be down and out on this day. I took joy into celebrating me and having fun with my friends who were single as well.
On the Coco’s Couch Facebook page, I gave Valentine’s Day tips for singles everyday this week. Here are my tips to celebrate this love holiday as a single person:

1. Cook yourself a nice dinner! One year I cooked myself a nice dinner & watched a funny movie (no chick flicks or sappy love stories to remind me how I so wanted to be in a relationship). So what better way to celebrate V-Day than food in my belly & laughter for my soul lol!

2. Buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry! Every girl can use a little bling!!! Another year, Kay Jewelers was having a sale on some of their Open Heart Collection items. I bought myself this Open Heart key shaped necklace! I love it and still wear it to this day!

3. Get yourself some flowers! I decided I don’t need to wait on some guy to buy me flowers. Heck I walk past them enough in the grocery store, so one day I picked up some. And I must say they look pretty awesome on my dining room table! Fresh flowers always lift up my spirit, and make me smile šŸ™‚


4. Treat yourself to a spa day! I typically do this periodically throughout the year. I like to call them “Hazel Days”! I would go treat myself to a mani/pedi, full body massage, facial, get my hair done, or sometimes do it all in a day! It’s okay to pamper yourself! Take care of you!!

And for my fav…
5. Celebrate being SINGLE!!

20140214-095248.jpgYour season of singleness is just that: a season. It temporary! So stop mopping around because you don’t have a “boo” to celebrate today with! Today my friends and I are celebrating Single Awareness Day! Dinner & movie, plus a fun flirty night on the town!

Some of these tips may sound like something lonely people do to some of you, but trust me I’m not lonely. I was in committed relationships on this holiday and felt lonely. Your relationship status has nothing to do with feelings of loneliness.
So my fellow singles choose this Valentines Day to not be down and out, crying about how you are single and don’t have a date…choose to enjoy life, family, & friends. Choose to celebrate how awesome you are!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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