No Chaser

No Chaser image 2So meet a guy, you think he’s cute, you like him, and you two start hanging out. Not dating, just hanging out. Ladies there is a BIG difference between “dating” and “hanging out”. You know, that let’s chill at my place or yours with a Red Box DVD and take out food type of “hang out”. And if you really like him, that: I’ll cook for you and chill with you while watching T.V. “hang out”. Or you are overly available to him . . . willing to do any and everything without much return on your investment. Stop it! 

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with hanging out with someone of the opposite sex. I too have my share of male friends that I hang out with. Actually, sometimes it’s nice to chill with my male friends, I tend to gain much insight from them. The problem is not hanging out with someone of the opposite sex; it’s a problem when you’re dating him and he’s not dating you. You know he’s not dating you because you are the one chasing him to get him to date you or show the same interest in you that you show in him. By being the chaser, you are making it so easy for him not to date you. It’s time to stop chasing sis!! Let the men do the chasing!No Chaser image

Don’t you know that men by nature are hunters? If they see something they like, they tend to go after it. It’s the thrill of the hunt that excites men. Some men will jump on the opportunity right away. Some may take their time and ease their way into going after what they see. Regardless of their method, the fact remains that men will go after, chase, hunt for what they want. A woman does not have to do much to show that she is interested in a man. There are ways a woman can show interest without:

Stalking his Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Strategically placing yourself where he will be so that he sees you

Blowing his phone up every 5 minutes

Just to name a few.

Point is, as a woman you don’t have to do much to show you are interested. Trust me, if he is at all interested, he will show it. He will call you. He will take you out on a date. He will proclaim you to his friends. He will show his interest!!

No matter how good of a woman you are, it does not matter to a man who is NOT ready! Don’t force a relationship that is not meant to be. Stop chasing!


6 thoughts on “No Chaser

  1. Jocellyn says:

    Love this!! We can easily get caught up in the “chase” because of attraction…Balance is key and focusing on “self” is necessary. Good read, Haze :))

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