You Too Can Heal (pt.1): A Walk Through My Healing Journey

Feelings of anxiety and worry consumed me. My thoughts constantly raced. In moments of idleness, the thoughts became louder. They taunt me at night, keeping me awake. For years I operated off of 4-5 hours of sleep a night; thinking this was normal. I was always tired, but I had to keep myself busy in order to quiet my thoughts. At least try to.

Many nights I cried, and I yelled: Shut Up!, I want to sleep! No one was there with me. There I was, laying in bed yelling at myself. No one ever knew how I was feeling all these years because of the mask I wore.

My twenties was filled with binge drinking, clubbing, and promiscuity. To everyone around me, I was having fun. Sometimes I was, and sometimes it was a front. Many times I came home by myself after a “fun” night out, and cried till I fell asleep. Near the last year or so of my twenties, I grew tired of my lifestyle. I needed a change. No more binge drinking, clubbing every weekend, and meaningless sexual relationships.

I decided to get more serious about my Christian walk. In Jan. 2012, I joined my first ministry at my church. Something I never thought I would do. I didn’t want to hang with “church folk”! To me they seemed to be boring. My prayer began to change. I wanted to be used by God. Not realizing that there were things still holding me back.

In Aug./Sept., 2012, I began attending Sunday School with other young adults. Who knew all of this was a set up for me to begin my healing? It was during a Sunday School lesson around the Oct./Nov., 2012, that I began to realize I was still hurting.

Follow the next several posts as I continue to take you through my journey of healing.


9 thoughts on “You Too Can Heal (pt.1): A Walk Through My Healing Journey

  1. Brandi JeNae says:

    Love it. It amazes me how we can think we’re the only one going through. Until someone is brave enough to share. Salute sister!!!!

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