You Too Can Heal: A Walk Through My Healing Journey

You Too Can Heal bandage image You cut yourself. It hurts at first right? Depending on how bad or how deep the cut is, it determines the level of pain you feel. It also determines how long the pain will last. So after the cut, you immediately start to feel pain, then a healing process begin to take place. You know your body is starting to heal from this cut because you start to experience the following:

– You begin to shed less blood.

– A numbness sensation start to replace the pain in the area of your wound.

– A scab forms, covering the wound, protecting it from any more abuse or internal damage.

There is one way to know that your body has completely healed from the wound, and that’s when the scab falls off as a result of your skin being restored; renewed. I’m about to SHOUT!!!! This new skin where there was once pain, discomfort, and hurt, is now a scar. The scar is a reminder of the hurt, pain and discomfort you’ve been able to overcome. It is a reminder that the one thing that caused you hurt and pain did not take you out! Scars are evidence of your survival; of your healing.

When it comes to our emotional wounds, it takes a conscious effort on our part to totally heal from the issues and people who caused our hearts to hurt. We have to get to a place and point in our lives where we no longer wear the scabs that formed based off of what other people did to us, and what we did to ourselves.

As long as we keep wearing the scabs, we stay numb in our hearts. We don’t allow room for restoration to take place. It’s time to pull back the layers of our wounds, and let the healing process finish.

For the next several posts, I will walk you through my own personal healing journey. I hope this series inspires someone to start or finish their own healing journey. Just know that You Too Can Heal!!!


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