It’s funny how stormy weather will totally mess up a person’s mood. The gloomy sky and all that is associated with a storm will really get a person down. Life’s storms will do the same.

It wasn’t until I heard my pastor use stormy weather as an illustration to explain life’s storms, before I started changing my behavior toward my life’s storms. He explained how during the storm things are all jacked up. The ground is wet and murky. The sky is dark and gloomy. One thing is for certain…the storm doesn’t last. Once it is all over, the sun shines. The sun dries the ground back up, and make the sky brighter. All we need to do is wait the storm out. He explained this is what happens in our life’s storm. When we have a storm, everything seems messy. It feels like we have a dark cloud over us. Our life’s storm will get us down and out, but we have to remember to wait on the sun (Son). When he shines on our situation, it makes everything all better. We just have to wait out the storm. That’s where your faith and trusting in God comes in.

You never know when you will be hit with a storm. Financial storm, issues in you marriage, ill family members, loss of a loved one, losing your home . . . the list can go on and on. I have learned to wait out my storms. I now put it in God’s hands and wait for the sun (Son) to shine. Weeping and crying will not change your storm or make it end any faster. So now I dance, shout, and praise my way through my storms. No matter how bad my storm can get, I know that it’s for the good.


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