When A Boyfriend Comes In Handy

So this morning I wake up to my car looking like an ice block. This wasn’t a shocker because I knew we were going to get an ice storm. My employer decided to give us a delay due to the unsafe conditions. So I get dressed and head outside because I knew I would need to start my car early. 20 minutes later I got the driver door open. Started the car and put it on defrost. Back inside I go. A half hour later, the ice hasn’t budged off my car. I call my boss; tell her I’m going to be late on top of the delay if I make it in at all. I bundle up and go back outside. I’m now able to chip away some of the ice. Then my little fingers start getting way too cold. Back inside I go.

As I sit here on my couch, I start to think “Man a boyfriend would be perfect right now” “I can stay inside & he can fight the ice on my car” Then I start to think of all reasons why a boyfriend would come in handy. I have not been in a relationship for almost 3 years. Guess I’ve been putting my time into finishing my degree & work. There are times when I would love to have a boyfriend. For example:

1. When my car needs washed, snow cleaned off, or like today ice chipped away.

2. When it’s really cold outside and I need gas. Or if I just don’t feel like pumping gas.

3. When my car needs to go to the mechanic. I know nothing about cars except how to check the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, tire pressure, & put gas in it.

4. When there is a huge spider or any other ridiculously large insect in my house.

5. When my trash is too full and needs to be taken out.

6. When I’m cooking and need a jar or something opened.

7. When it’s stormy out and I want to cuddle on the couch.

8. Valentine’s Day. I seriously hate that day probably because I don’t have a boyfriend lol.

9. When I’m picking out electronics.

10. When I have too many heavy grocery or shopping bags.

11. When something needs assembled.

Hopefully one day the right guy would come along and help a sista out with some of these things. Maybe more 😉


8 thoughts on “When A Boyfriend Comes In Handy

  1. 2blu2btru says:

    LOL…I have this list too, but I call them “Marry Me Moments”–when I think how I could pass all of this off on my husband. I have a boyfriend, but I live alone, so I still have to take out my own trash (ugh), pump my own gas (except when he comes by and I have him do it), and other things I don’t like doing, like dishes. I can’t wait to permanently hand over responsibility for some things. Great post 😀

    • Coco's Couch says:

      LOL Thank you so much. When I was in a relationship I felt the same way. Then I was able to put these things off on him sometimes but now being single for this long, I’m starting to miss out. What’s a girl to do?? LOL 😀

  2. Denise says:

    That list is on point! I consider myself a pretty independent woman, but there are times when only a man will do! Especially on cold winter nights and V-day. Question becomes: Where to find these men who know how to “come correct”? (I liked the last blog too :D) A sista is just tryna finda a buddy! SHEESH…

    • Coco's Couch says:

      I feel you Denise. I consider myself very much independent as well but a “boo” would be nice for a girl every once in a while lol. It’s so sad because the quality of single men in Indianapolis is a little shaky . . . until then I guess I’ll be pumping my own gas & taking out my own trash lol 🙂

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