“You Broke My Heart . . . So I Broke Your Car”

Alright so I’m sure many of you have heard Jazmine Sullivan’s song “Bust Your Window”. Yeah I know it’s old, but for those of you who haven’t, she is talking about a relationship that went bad. Basically the guy in the song cheated on her, so for her revenge or maybe just plain old anger and rage, she damages his car. Bust the windows out and carved her name in it with a crow bar!!!

Although this is a song (I believe the singer actually went through this), there are so many women that have done this, thought about it, or was with a friend who did it. Well I must admit I thought about at one point. I mean seriously thought about it (imjussayin). I invested time and energy into a relationship that went bad. Really bad! I’m talking Maury Povich / Jerry Springer bad!!! So when he cheated, and believe me, he took cheating to a whole nutha level, I was hurt. I was disappointed and full of rage. I felt like the time and energy I put in the relationship, standing by his side, and supporting him was a waste of time. I wanted him to feel what I was feeling.

So what is one thing that is important to a man? One of his most prize possessions? His CAR. He loves his car, he cares for his car, he invests time and money into his car, and don’t you dare ask to drive his “beloved” car. So like many women I thought if I busted his windows, put sugar in his tank, slash his tires, and/or egg his car, then he would hurt like me. Then I would get some satisfaction. Well I’m glad I didn’t. See doing a “Jazmine Sullivan” does not give you the upper hand in getting back at the one who hurt you.

Ok you messed up his whip. Yeah he’s angry and you got a slight smile on your face. But in a matter of weeks his whip is fixed up and looking better than ever. He’s drivin around with another chick in the car. Where are you? Still getting over the broken relationship. You are still hurt. So what’s the point? You done sweated out your perm for nothing by putting all your anger into the windows and tires of his car. So take the alternative. Take that anger and negative energy and turn it around into positive energy to better yourself. A better, more successful you is the best revenge you can get over your ex. Focus on yourself. Pray. Finish your degree. Give yourself a makeover (inside and out). Work on excelling in your career or establishing your career. Some of these things take time but all in all I’m sayin is to work on a better you. Get yourself to the point where you are in love with yourself all over again. Trust me when you use that energy for the good of you, you won’t have the desire to mend that broken relationship. The next time you two cross paths (which 9 times out of 10 you will), he will notice the better you. He will think to himself “Damn! I messed up.” By then it’s already too late.

No more busting windows out of cars or supporting your friends who want to. Work on YOU. There’s no greater feeling than whole new and better you!

Till next time,


11 thoughts on ““You Broke My Heart . . . So I Broke Your Car”

  1. Kelli says:

    Such true words Coco. I have been there a few times when hurt and anger is real close to getting the better of you. I never went through with it but I know how easy it is to get to that point. But yes you are 100% right. He’ll fix it and move on and you will be no better off. Hard lesson in life to learn. Great start Miss Coco!

  2. Coco's Couch says:

    Thank you so much for reading Kelli. It is easy to get to that point and so many women have gotten there. It’s important to maintain self control. Materials take not time to replace, while a broken heart takes a very long time to mend. Glad you liked today’s topic 🙂

  3. B_Girl_mynewalias says:

    Hmmm at 18…I most definitely thought about it!. Drove two hours to his house, picked up my cousin and sat outside his house thinking the same thing! Glad I had a sensible partner in crime! For a moment I wanted him to think I was crazy, and that he would never want to cross me again. But crazy isn’t a good look. Glad maturity kicked in…10years later I’m good! lol

    • Coco's Couch says:

      See that’s the thing . . . you had a “sensible” person with you so you didn’t go through with it. So many women act on impulse and anger, then find themselves in a more worse situation than before. And you right B-Girl (lol) crazy is not a good look 🙂

  4. swag jones says:

    Coming from a mans perspective it takes a very mature and smart woman to not f a brotha car up. Knock on wood I’ve never had that happen but ur right a man does love his car but its only temporary satisfaction when they destroys cars. Like u said focus that energy on something positive for yourself and u can have a lifetime of benefits from it. Women naturally love harder than men so always be smart and never let your emotions get the best of you! With that being said anybody need djs for a event holla at me!! Lol. Sorry to promote on yo blog.

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